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Updated 11.2.2015

Vintage Chalet has been around since 2011. We are happy to announce Ira Mency on board as Editor, who has recently decided to revamp our blog for 2015. So, we've added a new look and new attitude. We'll be focused on higher quality content and growing our Twitter account.

Vintage Chalet focuses on collecting, living vintage, retro finds and antiques. We love anything retro, vintage inspired or those that pay homage to the past. 

 Most of the items are hand picked by our editor, however, getting featured in a post on Vintage Chalet is easy now. Any links you purchase on our site, will be do-follow link meaning good positive juice coming from us to you.- your product feature stays in our system forever unless your link goes dead. In this case, it will be removed.    

Advertising never was easier. 

1. Feature An Item that links to your shop or site, within in a Post -  We offer this option here. 

2. Avatar Link - 125x125 pixels or more, we will make it for you for free, if you don't have anything. Available in 3 month increments for $15, or $90 for a year. Placement will vary around blog.   Contact me to approve your ad  via text  410.908.9241 or discuss your purchase or GET DISCOUNTED special rates  here.

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