Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Collecting Records and Vinyl LPs

When you think of old records, you think of something defunt and out of style, but are they? Many companies are still making vinyl records today!  With new record players made to look old and fully functional , I almost did a 360 owl head turn when I found them in Walmart .  I thought, is that a record player or something else made to look like a record player?  But it was, made new to play LPs!  So it seems people are certainly still looking for vintage LPS to play on their (vintage) or new players.  Unfortunately there was a period of time where they ended up melted down for crafts (purses or popcorn bowls or clocks) or donated to the Goodwill or landfill.  This happened during the birth of CD's. 

Suffice to say I really had no idea on how to start collecting or what type of value is held in old LPs? 

I had a lot of quesitons such as : 

Should you buy a record just for the cover? 

Will anyone buy mass produced records? 

How do you know if the records are still valuable when they were produced in the millions however most of them ended up in the landfill? 

Thankfully all these questions were answered on the vintage collecting records podcast with ex DJ Eddie G !

Old records on ETsy:
Many people are offering vintage vinyl on Etsy.  This shop outpostrecordshop (pic)  has a ton of stock on hand!
Saturday, October 23, 2021

Decorating with Avant Garde Podcast and Top Picks from Etsy

In my most recent podcast I talk about Avant Garde, just what it is and how to decorate and do it.  Mixing some color into your life may not be a bad idea.  I've always liked to break the decorating norms and glad to see other people doing it too. I like to discuss Avant Garde in my most recent podcast.  I apologize for the podcasting recording. I hope you learn something new!


 In the meantime, please try these exciting finds on Etsy to Avant Garde up your life. 

avant garde books
Vintage books can really make a table pop. This stack $25 from RetroChalet

 1. Vintage books, in great colors look exciting stacked around your table!  Make a room pop with color and have a great display item. Not to mention a little color goes a long way.  Books can be reused for scrapbooking when done with them!

Hot Pink Radio
This hot pink radio is from RetroRadioFarm on Etsy! 

2.  Electronics, vintage style ones like this radio can really stand out on a table.  Notice how it pops on the white background!  RetroRadioFarm on Etsy has tons of radios in stock and this is a great way to add some color to a drab or discolored home!
rainbow afghan from etsy shop

Rainbow crocheted blanket will be a great addition to any home, find it at HappyInTheNest

3. Vintage afghans, handmade or retro blankets are another way to avant-garde up the home.  Adding color to a room is key by draping them over your favorite sofa or love seat is a great way to add color! AvantGarde up your bedroom!

Chalkware Pig Yellow Vintage
Chalkware Pig Yellow Vintage would avant garde up the home at TheModWitch

4. Statues and figures can add color to your home.  Using a bright vintage chalkware statue you can make a statement on a table or bookshelf.  Use of color in the home is key when decorating for avant garde look. 

Vintage chair hot pink find out about Avant Garde decorating on Vintage Chalet
Kchoos offers this great chair, the pink colors would make any room POP!

5.  Kchoos shop offers this great mod chair with pink bubbles, a real victorian style chair has been repurposed with great retro fabric to add some avant garde into your home!  Using this chair or any furniture would be great for avant garde-ing up your life. 

Have a great day and make sure to subscribe to our podcast 

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Turner Art Prints Glam Wall Decor from the 40's

My most recent podcast included tips and tricks on the The Turner Manufacturing Company made all kinds of housewares in the thirty plus years they were in business.  Many designs go unnoticed in thrift stores or second hand shops, even the local flea.  They were mass producing wall decor for the home such as wooden shelves, mirrors, and lithographs / art prints. The early designs of the 1940's depicted lovely French looking Victorian ladies in mademoiselle like dresses.  You'll find muted colors and even lots of fowl, flamingos, and birds in addition to greys, pinks, and cool hues that are pleasing on the eyes. 

Turner Art Prints
This one from the RetroChalet Etsy shop.

Turner Art Prints have a Victorian feel to them and all are signed Turner at the lower right. But, sometimes this may be difficult to find if the owner had moved or rematted into a new frame.  Ultra rare are the turner designs on mirrors. My friend has one that is giant, 3'x5' with flamingos. I assume it's pricesless and has been hanging in his home for years.  Happy Collecting!

Listen to the podcast:
Saturday, August 28, 2021

Flea Market Tips and Tricks

Flea Market Tips and Tricks PodcastFlea Market Tips and Tricks
Flea Market Lovers this podcast is for you. Recently we interviewed a flea market maven on tips and tricks to having a successful flea market.  Are you often hard pressed wondering if you should tag everything? What methods work at flea markets and garage sales? Rummage sale woes? No worries. We cover all this and more on Living a Vintage Life Podcast