Friday, June 23, 2017

Vintage Glove Molds at RetroChalet

Vintage Porcelain Glove Mold from RetroChalet
Vintage Porcelain Glove Mold from RetroChalet $32 on Etsy

My how we love the vintage glove molds. People squawk at the idea of having a hand in their home, but little do they know it is a fad that grows on you quite quickly. Having an old industrial mold may appear creepy at first, but after time, you get used to it and desire more and more laying around the home.

vintage porcelain Glove Mold at retrochalet on Etsy
Glove Mold at retrochalet on Etsy

They seem to blend with any decor and look quite lovely. Most were used in making vinyl and latex gloves for years in the factory. To be honest, many were made in the USA by a company named General Porcelain in Trenton. The company had ties back to the early 1900's and would make everything from porcelain tubs, insulators, and sinks.  The close of General Porcelain was an indication of American industrialism gone bad.  RetroChalet has found containers of glove molds that were headed to destruction from an old glove factory.
Porcelain Glove Molds
Photo: RetroChalet.  These were by Hall China Company, also made in USA

Owner Cindy Fahnestock-Schafer indicates, "They were mounted onto an assembly line and the assembly line was metal. They would crank around and dip into a vat of molten rubber, thereby drying as they came out, making gloves.  I assume each glove was then peeled off the mold and packaged. What a really long time to get to a box of 100".  

Schafer explains most of hers were made circa 1950's to 1980's and were made in the USA.  She sells them in her Etsy shop RetroChalet.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

KariBeth Vintage Archival Home Decor Items

Etched Floral Decanter at
Photo: Karibeth This etched floral decanter,  $30, would look great holding colored liquid (food coloring) for a statement piece in the home.

KariBeth is a jewelry designer from Nashville who uses upcycled and recycled parts in her work.  Her jewelry (such as compass necklaces and knife necklaces) has made a name for itself being sold direct in brick and mortar boutiques from New York to Tennessee and online sites as well. Her work has been featured in places such as Anthropologie and Roses and Rustics.   She also has a keen eye for good design relics for the home. offers curated Archival Vintage items
KariBeth's collection of vintage relics for the home are rare and astounding. 

 Her store online,, contains a great page with vintage archival items.   These are curated items for your home and you will find things used for different purposes here. For instance, an etched decanter (above) could be filled with colored liquid, or the stopper removed to house fresh wildflowers.  The lovely metal double sided swan basket (below) can be used to hold an air plant or even house your remote controls for television and car keys.

Art Nouveau Metal Swan Basket Metal Swan Basket at
Photo:  This swan looks so art nouveau and would look great holding remotes, keys, or an air plant.

Brass Peacock with Rhinestone Eyes
Unusual Decor: Brass Peacock with Rhinestone Eyes

See more of KariBeth's designs for the home here:

Please be sure to check out her jewelry as well!

Editor Pick: This Knife Necklace

Knife Necklace by Karibeth
KariBeth necklace includes a 2.5" vintage penknife found in travels.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Blue and White Mexican Talavera Pottery

Collecting Mexican Pottery Talavera:  Collecting With a Cause  

Talavera Blue and White Mexican Pottery at
Talavera Blue and White Mexican Pottery at

Rustica Gift and Pottery site features the work of two old world studios (Talavera la Corona &  Mayolica Santa Rosa) who make this lovely pottery earthenware.   Today I'm featuring the line called "Azul Y Blanco Talavera Pottery."
Blue and White Talavera Pottery at Rusticagift mexican pottery
The stunning look of this blue and white Mexican Pottery is simply shabby , yet functional and handcrafted.

Here we have highlighted the blue and white for those who collect Blue and White items for their kitchen.  The rich color and hearty pottery would look great in a cabinet for display, yet is fully functional to use for dinner time!
Talavera Pottery Soup and Salad Bowl blue white mexican pottery

Talavera Pottery Dinner Plate

Dinner Plate $59.95 

It's safe to use for dinner and is dishwasher safe.  Great for entertaining those special guests. We love it since it's vintage techniques used and implemented in the making of the pieces...

Talavera Pottery Old World Techniques shows how these articles are made in ancient traditions.

According to the website, selling the wares, the pottery dates back to the 12th century Moors via the monks of La Reyna de la Talavera, Spain thereby taking it's name.  The work today is Mexican Talavera, rich in old world techniques and the pottery is hand crafted which means no two exactly alike.  

Talavera Mexican Pottery Cup collectible and functional
Coffee Mug $24.95 here.

What's not to love? Did we mention that Rustica Gift and Pottery, who supports  IPODERAC.  The purchase of wares help give back because a portion of proceeds from the sales are donated to the children's fund . Nothing like giving back to the community!

Find out more at

Monday, April 3, 2017

Vintage Retro French Artistic Stencils for Furniture DIY

DIY Shabby Clock with Artistic Stencils
DIY Shabby Clock : Join this special two part series as directions will appear on, posted tomorrow 4/4/17 so check for how to make this great item!   Pic:

Artistic Stencils : DIY Vintage Furniture Products with Stencils

French cottage chic never goes out of style and and the furniture market is booming with  these mass produced chairs (below) ! As well, cheaply made-in-China cardboard clocks load the searches at We Heart It and , and these items are JUNK!   I've even seen dressers with distressed looks that are simply pressed wood and going for six times the amount of a regular wood dresser. Ridiculous.   All are selling at high prices and are cheaply made .  Why not use some truly vintage objects (which we love) and furniture and duplicate the look yourself?  Go green and save the planet by up-cycling something , add some stencils and make it an attractive focal point for your home! Here are some suggestions!

We say NO! Please stop buying new products and instead, make own vintage style things with stencils!

Vintage Chairs adorned with stencil designs from ArtisticStencils
Yes! We say upcycle and shabby your own chairs and adorn them with stencils

Upcycle Some Chairs

The chairs above are painted! Now some of you may think this breaks all the rules, but that is exactly the point ! Have fun shabbying up something old and making it new again.  In fact, now that I see this photo from Artistic Stencil's website  called "Artistic Stencil Designs " and  I am kicking myself for getting rid of my old mahoghany chairs. They don't make solid wood like that anymore, but the fact is I was not crazy about the brown. It never occurred to me to actually paint the entire chair! What a great idea.  

Stencil Paris Fleur di Lis for Chairs or Crafting from Artistic Stencils
For the above look: you will need this stencil, $16 here.

So, Get a little crazy, find some vintage color paint or chalk paint, a solid color for the entire chair works nice as they have done. Grey and White mix is soft blend for any shabby cottage or Parisian decor. 

A little fresh fabric for cushion recovering and then voila, go to town with stencils. You can see by the looks of the design, how easy these stencils are to use. They are made of Mylar plastic so you can easily maneuver.  They came from ArtisticStencils on Etsy, a husband and wife team who sell these and have many designs in stock.

ArtisticStencils on Etsy offers stencils
Stencils from ArtisticStencils on Etsy.

Above:  Stencils make for easy projects. You can do shelves very easy by coating with solid paint and adding a stencil.  Just two colors and you are done with a great look in the home!   This stencil below was used in part for the shelf. 

French Stencil from Artistic Stencils
French Stencil $20 here.
Below: DIY dresser was never easier. Shabby it up with some great Artistic Stencils and give a new look to old furniture!

Shabby DIY Dresser stencils from Artistic Stencils
Shabby DIY Dresser stencils from Artistic Stencils

Frenchy French dresser! Paint with love an then stencil it up! You will need to browse this selection of French stencils and go to down!   If your dresser is old , dented or less than perfect that's even better. You can't go wrong when turning something old into something shabby! Stenciling makes for a great  look and a new purpose for old things. 

Other Items of Interest (Clock Face DIY Wall Clock  Above)

Artistic Stencil Clock
Artistic Stencil Clock: For stencils Find them here, they come in different sizes


In the meantime, get some stencils:

On Etsy: 
On the Web: 

Thanks to our sponsor Artistic Stencils, but the ideas and tutorial is all our own. We liked them so much we are networking them to another blog, design-swag so people can learn how to make this great retro clock!