Saturday, August 28, 2021

Flea Market Tips and Tricks

Flea Market Tips and Tricks PodcastFlea Market Tips and Tricks
Flea Market Lovers this podcast is for you. Recently we interviewed a flea market maven on tips and tricks to having a successful flea market.  Are you often hard pressed wondering if you should tag everything? What methods work at flea markets and garage sales? Rummage sale woes? No worries. We cover all this and more on Living a Vintage Life Podcast

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Taylor Smith Taylor Every Yours

In my most recent podcast, I have discussed how you can find Taylor Smith Taylor's Ever Yours line for inexpensive in thrift stores and flea markets. This great 1960's set is featured on my third Living A Vintage Life Podcast and is a must hear.  What most people do not know is this pretty set is very 1950's looking and can still be found and assembled as there is quite much of it to still be had.  It is great to use every day in a vintage kitchen and no worries about chipping a piece , as a plethora exists.  Listen to my podcast as Ed shares with us how he came into this collection. 
Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Stamp Collecting as a Hobby

Scott Stamp Collecting Album
The Scott People put out these Stamp Collecting Albums to collect stamps.

I really wasn't hip on stamp collecting, in fact may have found that to be an old person's hobby (heck what am I saying, I am old now) and much disinterest. My friend Ed obtained a Scott stamp binder and began collecting and reluctantly I decided to interview him for my Living a Vintage Life Podcast. I really learned a lot about stamps and found that: 

  • It can be a fun and inexpensive hobby
  • You learn a lot of history during collecting
  • It will keep kids busy for hours
  • Adults will enjoy the hunt to fill up a stamp binder
  • You learn about interesting people, places, and topics that raise awareness 

So I am excited to share the podcast episode on Stamp Collecting now. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Bear Spirit Mountain, Collecting Indigenous Native American Artifacts Part One

Prayer Sticks
Prayers sticks made by Maasaw Howard for my travels.

Bear Spirit Mountain

Recently I was lucky enough to learn about Bear Spirit Mountain,  an archaeological site in West Virginia found by Matthew and Ingrid Howard. Their intention was to build a home, but it turned out to be so much more.  Imagine the shock and disbelief purchasing a property to build a home, only to find your land is loaded with burial sites and indigenous artifacts.

  Bear Spirit Mountain
Matthew "Maasaw" Howard cleaning off a rock to expose it's carved face.

Luckily they vowed to protect it and Matthew found the perfect opportunity to tell the story of his ancestors though the book  Adonvdo Yona (Bear Spirit) Mountain: An Ancestral Awakening   Amazingly enough Howard was led to the wonders of the property thanks to the help of a black bear.  If you believe in anything extraordinary, you may wish to see how the legend of the Black Bear Spirit is associated with the Cherokee. I'm so pleased for them!

Collecting Indian Artifacts Native American Indigenous
A few things from the backyard and my travels.
Collecting Artifacts

Now, let's move on to something we all love here at Vintage Chalet, and it's collecting.  Native American Artifacts and collecting relics of indigenous people are getting more and more popular. In fact, one Archaeologist, RPA Jack Hranicky has written over 50 books alone --- many guides to collecting or identifying arrowheads, spear points and tools!

Do So Respectfully

Many people collect Native american Artifacts now, and should do so respectfully. Always obtain permission before searching someone's property, and do not remove artifacts from burial mounds or grounds.  Those who like to rob graves have been known to experience quite bad kharma, making that ebay sale just not worth it! Would you want someone to rob your grave?

 Beware of Fakes and Frauds, and Reproductions

Unfortunately there are tons of reproductions, fakes and frauds on the market. Take for instance, this guy on Facebook who makes wonderful reproductions (jewelry, props, costume things).  He carves them now as his ancestors did then. There are tons of items on Etsy that are reproductions of ancient artifacts, and not all specify so.
Clovis Style Arrowheads
Seller Auramore has these listed as Clovis People Arrowheads, but they only $4.48 each.  The cost should tell it all. 

The problem is, let's say Judy orders a reproduction basalt arrowhead necklace and in ten years sells it at a flea market because she is tired of wearing it. That flea market buyer now  sells it as an original online to someone else.  Someone just paid $149 thinking they were getting an ancient artifact when in fact they are getting a used a handmade handcrafted NEW necklace.

Collection of Arrowheads
These from RetroChalet clearly say age unknown. 

The arrowhead collection above was purchased in 1980 at a trading post in Maine, however, it is uncertain if they made them for travel gifts or souvenirs or if they are old.  So they are priced accordingly and great for crafters who wish to make earrings or necklaces.

A Rock is Old

Unfortunately we are talking that most of these items are made of rocks and stones, so all stones are old and antique, some millions of years old, but is the CRAFTSMANSHIP that old? That is the main issue with collecting Native American artifacts.
  • Tip: Buy From Ethical Source
  • Tip: Do Your Homework
  • Beware: Of Reproductions
  • Beware: Of Sellers Who Have Plethoras of Stock 
  • Collect Respectfully
  • Ask the Seller for Provenance or Additional Information
In my next post we will go over types of items, and show you them.

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