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Taylor Smith Taylor Ever Yours Boutonniere Fab 1960's

The Library of Congress shows an entry in 1965 the Taylor Smith and Taylor Company's entry for "Exquisite Boutonniere Ever Yours Dinnerware."  Without buying one of the print china books on the market, not much is to be had on this line as far as collector's site most of the focus of Taylor Smith Taylor collectors is the all popular Lu-Ray line which was made in the depression era.

etsy taylor smith taylor
A quick search on Etsy reveals many pieces for sale.

tst glasses
These hard to find TST Go with Glasses are from SwankyLadyVintage on Etsy.

Boutonniere is one pattern of the TST "Ever Yours" line.  EVER YOURS line, classy and coupy, a nice ceramic set for the table.  From covered butters to cute salt and peppers, this line was inexpensive at the time, as a friend collects it and recalls it from his youth. He's spent years assembling rare pieces and what appears to be look-alike flowers from other manufacturers trying to "knock off" the TST line.  Taylor Smith Taylor themselves had another flower, not quite as pretty in my opinion, Blue Bonnet.

set of TST china from Etsy
RemiDanielleModern on Etsy offers this set for $145

backstamp taylor smith taylor 
Backstamp as shown from RemiDanielleModern

Although the creamers and sugars are still easy to find many of the sugar lids got broken, so finding them in good shape proves a bit challenging. As well, rare is the rare carafe or decanter, which my friend says is still much of a mystery.  Originally came with a wooden lid and tiny little mid century modern styled handle atop the lid.  Sometimes a wooden handle attached, but this was supposedly for the water pitchers (also rare if at all found.)

The carafe was either made in small quantities or just produced on a short run. Over time you are simply just lucky to find them anymore if at all.  If you should find with wood lids or unknown mystery handles, then a definitely good find to be coveted.

taylor smith taylor carafe

Rare Carafe for this line as shown by PaintedPellikaan on Etsy, $34.99

Then we see offspring which make us unsure just what this could be, either a factory misprint, or a special test run, as a solid carafe just should not exist.

Rare TST Carafe
Rare Blue Carafe in the TST shape, But why?  Find it at RetroChalet

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Cadence by Prolon Owned by ThermoServ

cadence prolon

Cadence Melmac Dishes in canary yellow, this lot at RetroChalet

How is it that a melmac manufacturer Prolon, survived from 1956 until now producing the same line of melmac dishes called CADENCE?  Now owned by ThermoServ the history goes all the way back to the ProPhylactic brush company, an early maker of all things rubber, plastic and well, of course, brushes. The history is quite enchanting.   

Find out by reading this great article over at on Cadence Prolon.

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Bolducs Basement 1980's Garfield Smurf Fire King

Vintage Christmas Ornaments Etsy Shop BolducsBasement
Set of 5 Vintage Ornamnets, $12.50 and Oh So Cute at Bolducs Basement

Bolducs Basement

Sometimes shops on Etsy pop up with a particular theme, for instance, the blacksmith artist who only hand forges hooks and metalware.  There are many shops full of the vintage jewelry seller who only sell a certain "type" of item. Whether it be the deco or bakelite circa 1920's or an upscale diamond and gemstone shop, things are streamlined for you.   Although those shops are all fine and wonderful, they aren't really giving the thrill of treasure hunting.

Garfield Oh No 40 Mug at Bolducs Basement Etsy 
Garfield Oh No 4-0 Birthday Mug at Bolducs Basement Etsy $10

Once in a blue moon  you may get lucky and see a shop like Bolducs Basement. In this case, when Tracy from Helotes, Texas decided to open a "treasures" shop on Etsy.  What she has unmassed is a giant collection of knick knacks from the 1970's, 1980's and 90's, so much of it reminds me of my own youth!  What makes this shop different is that it's themed circa 70's to 90's era and a bit of everything which makes great fun for treasure hunting! Great for 1980's Collecting!

Bolducs Basement
Tracy and her 90=yearsyoung grand-mom, who got her started in collecting.

Her inspiration, she says, was from her Grandmother who had a flair for vintage decorating.  Tracy says that her keen eye for recognizing vintage things and fixing up old furniture led her to open a booth locally.  She says, "I opened a second booth closer to home, and then when it became too strenuous with balancing my home life (taking care of demanding dogs and a cat, as well as my daughter before she went to college) so I just kept up the one close to home. When rent became too much, I started selling exclusively online."

Etsy Shop BolducsBasement Smurfette Glass
Smurfette is only $8.50 a great deal at Bolducs Basement on Etsy.

Tracy balances her store with unique inexpensive items.  Here today, gone tomorrow, so don't wait!  In this shop you will find a big assortment of 80's character items such as Disney, Garfield and Smurfs. I did a huge post on Collecting Smurfs before, and it was one of my most read.  Seems that those little blue creatures seem to be living forever.
Garfield Teacher Collectible Bolducs Basement
Smiling Garfield Collectible at Bolducs Basement on Etsy.

For Chrismas,  Tracy's shop is loaded with vintage Christmas items and ornaments, the kind I used to see my own Mother decorating with.  It's a great shop to bookmark and check often, or favorite on Etsy to get updated of new and recent items.  Tracy says, " To me, everything I have in my store is a treasure. Much like my grandmother's house, where she has some of everything, I hope that people can find a little bit of everything in my basement."

Christmas Kitty 1989
Christmas Kitty Hallmark Ornament and More in her shop!

Find out more: 

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Fine Jewelry Iconic DuetsFineJewelry Vintage Wedding Checklist Part Three

Jackie Kennedy Emerald Ring
Icons of the past:  Jackie Onassis Kennedy Loved Emeralds. 

Today we look at the iconic styles of vintage celebrities and their love for all things bling , aka, their jewelry choices.  Part of a three part wedding checklist series, we have to refocus on the jewelry. It's not only important for engagement, but for bridesmaids, the bride to be, and even after the wedding as a way to show how much you care.  Women and jewelry, well, they go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Not to mention, Fine Gold Jewelry was worn by the most famous celebrities, so if you could pick, which celebrity are you?  

The Emerald Queen : Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Emeralds, stand for the birthstone of the month of May, (sign of Taurus) as worn by Jackie Kennedy Onassis, above, her famous Diamond and Emerald engagement ring made heads turn. It was hard to catch a glimpse of the ring, as this former first lady always wore dainty gloves!   Funny fact is, Jackie O was a Leo, not a Taurus and born in July. Perhaps she (or John) just loved the pairing of diamonds and emeralds.....  Sadly, she passed in May, the birthstone month of the iconic ring. 

Emeralds are a wonderful way to continue to say "I love you" to your bride.  In lore, this stone opens the heart chakra and the ancients believed it opened and nurtured the heart. 

Emerald Diamond Ring at Duets Etsy Shop
Emerald Diamond Ring at Duets Fine Jewelry Etsy Shop, $850

Princess Diana Sapphire Ring
Iconic: Princess Diana and her Sapphire Ring.  Raw Sapphire by PNG Arts.

The Sapphire Princess Duo  : Diana / Kate 

This ring was made iconic by Princess Diana, then again in history when Kate Middleton wore it (and wears it to this day.)  Sapphires are usually thought of as blue, and have been made fashionable over time; but they can appear in most every color gray, black, colorless or even an orangey-pink (or pinkish orange, depending on your opinion.) It's the birthstone of September, and the sign of Virgo. Ironically Diana was born in July and Kate in January.  

Get the Look!

Sapphire Statement Earrings DuetsFineJewelry
Duets Fine Jewelry Etsy Sapphire Ring is Stunning
Sapphire and Diamond Ring by DuetsFineJewelry, on sale currently $891

Paired with or without the earrings, the ring is astonishing! I have always been a huge fan of sapphire, perhaps it's just so classy. When paired with diamonds there's nothing better! The earrings are also good for Bridesmaids or weddings, and are set in white gold.  In lore, the sapphire is highly prized, to bring good fortune and serves as a mental stabilizer. Nothing like that to keep a wife harmoniously happy.

Marilyn Monroe and Diamonds
Who doesn't love Diamonds?  They ARE a girls best friend...

After All, Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend: Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe, iconic legendary sultry sweetheart is still alive in our hearts when we think of diamonds. Gwen Stefani recently did a great Marilyn Monroe impression; but she's been impersonated by the best of them over the years by Madonna and some of the best icons along the way. 

Diamonds, are also the birthstone for April, (ironically Marilyn was born in June) and in lore known for balance, abundance and brings clarity to the wearer.  Diamond deposits were formed over 900 million years ago but weren't mined (found) until 4th century BC, where they were used as a form to "repel evil." Diamonds also come in other colors, such as black.  Vintage estate rings contain diamonds sometimes called "mining diamonds" which contain diamonds that are imperfectly cut, not as clear and not as brilliant due to the ways of cutting back in the late 1800's early 1900's but can be prizable possessions among antique jewelry collectors.  Once unheard of, today diamonds are fashionable in many other colors, browns, yellows, and even black!

Get the Look!

Gorgeous Monogram Bracelet Diamonds Duets Fine Jewelry on Ets
What a gorgeous idea! Above:  Monogrammed Diamond Bracelet on Etsy and below, a stunning ring at Duets Fine Jewelry

Half Eternity Band at Duets Fine Jewelry on Etsy
Duets Fine Jewelry on Etsy : Half Eternity Band. Stunning.

Buy Loose Diamonds!

Buying Loose Diamonds Cheap
You can buy your own diamond and have it set in a ring! Many colors at Duets Fine Jewelry on Etsy

It's now a fad to buy your own loose diamond, and have a local artisan set it in a ring for you. This way you can create your own setting and draw your own ring based on a pattern. If this is the case, Duets Fine Jewelry on Etsy above, has loose diamonds in many shapes and sizes.  If you don't see something , just ask!  Thanks to them for working with me for this article!

In Summary: 

So if this article has told you anything, it should be that you don't have to be born in the birth month of your favorite stone. Perhaps something draws a wearer to the particular ring, rock, or gemstone.  The Wedding Checklist is not complete without follow up after the wedding, continue to dress like a diva to make your husband happy, and husbands must continue to treat the wife like a cherished object!

Thanks for reading.

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