Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Warren Lynn Art Vintage Apple IMac veridycus Office Art

Warren Lynn Barbecue Feast Digital Art
Barbecue Feast by Warren Lynn

Artist Warren Lynn creates digitally stunning works of art suitable for display in  malls, professional offices such as the doctor's or dentists's offices, and even for  home use.  He creates the artwork in high resolution for sizable wall art which, at 40" x 60" makes for interesting conversation pieces.  Today this brings me to writing a bit about vintage apple items mixed with modern day works of Warren's art. Above, gorgeous rainbow color combinations make for a deliciously vivid piece called "Barbecue Feast." Below, vintage apple products with the rainbow of colors in the apple commend high prices and are desired among collectors. It seems a whole new line of rainbow Apple products have appeared on the web, Etsy and Ebay. Beware that these are not "modern day remakes" when paying antique prices.

Vintage Apple Computer Coffee Mug
                       Vintage Apple Computer Mug @SunflowerGarlicFarm

When designing Apple computers, Steve Jobs was fond of not only functionality but superior design.  I would like to think that design and style was as important to him as being at the top of the innovation scale.  To this date Apple's design team thinks of everything from packaging to design.  When I look at Warren Lynn's work I see clear and distinct design lines that incorporate and beautify the streamlined ideas that flourish into his art.  
Warren Lynn IPhone Case Hancock Art  veridycus
Warren Lynn's gorgeous Hancock design  is also sold on tote bags, pillows, phone cases. Pictured here on an iPhone case, $25

Warren is a computer engineer from Los Angeles.  He creates from his Apple iMac computer and the items are available for purchase on online gallery veridycus .   Above, the Hancock design was inspired by a filming location in Los Angeles mixed with the views of the "Hollywood" sign. This is certainly one of my personal favorites, and the fact that any of his creations come on bags, pillows, tshirts or accessories on the website is even better.  Below, neutral colors were used by Apple in early computer production.  The greyish creamy neutral colors made the Apple I and II.

Vintage Apple Modulator
Vintage Apple Modulator - Way back when Apple II was connected to the TV!
found at :  StuffFromBackThen

Prehistoric Fish Warren Lynn
"Prehistoric Fish" is my favorite Warren Lynn work. It reminds me of Murano glass mixed with many colors. 

The Prehistoric Fish above shows how creative one can get on an iMac, mixing digital creativeness with stunning design.  Below, in 1983, you would have to read the Apple Works Tutorial book, which was included in the purchase of your Apple IIe or IIc Computer.  Today, ephemera and books like the one below are highly sought after among collectors.  Yet the market is slim for working Apple computers that are in use today. 

Vintage Apple Computer Book
Old Book, Apple Computer, 1983 Found at PengyPatterns

I myself have quite a collection of vintage Apple products, as now I look back to the past to the Apple Computer of the 80's and realize just how far we have come.  As for Warren Lynn, he's constantly creating and looking to the future with new designs.

If you know someone looking for great artwork, please share.  He even offers free monthly downloads (for non commercial use) on his website.

Find them here: https://veridycus.com

Or, sign up to follow him here:  https://gumroad.com/warrenlynn

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Coffee Collectibles Best Vintage Java

vintage german coffee set Schonwald
Vintage Schonwald German Coffee Set from OurRetroShop $44.01

Coffee......yum.  Whether you drink it up as a treat or on a daily basis or simply reward yourself all day long, the best coffee collectibles are outlined here on VintageChalet!  Above, an old German retro dinnerware set yields an antique coffee pot and sugar bowl. Yum.  Enjoy these finds, most are from Etsy.  For the best coffee, try SapaCoffee.com . Sapa Coffee is a line of premium roasted coffee blended with toasted hemp hearts!  This makes the coffee rich in Omegas 3 & 6!
antique coffee grinders
Estonia's take on the coffee bean grinder, Find them at TallinnVintage for  $36.17

Coffee collectibles vary in type based on the part of the world you are in.  What's not to love if you are a coffee fanatic putting some of these artifact worthy finds in your home. Both for good "coffee talk" and conversation, most can be interesting topics of conversation.  Below, an old grinder Italian style, with mill is shown.  

old italian coffee mill
Old Coffee Mills shop from Spain offers many coffee mills, this mill & grinder  $174.83

Perhaps the easiest thing to collect is old coffee mugs.  Whether you are into melmac , vintage glassware or old china, finding something economic and antique to put to use in your kitchen was never easier.  Our pick today is old and colorful!

Editor's Pick

vintage fire king collection anchor hocking
Fire King Collection, $48 for these mugs InteriorComponents

Fire King, by Anchor Hocking makes for great milk glass collecting and a fine cup of java.   

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Vintage Style Lights at Lamplight Design Company

Turquoise Marquee Anchor Light
Vintage Style Anchor Lamp at Lamplight Design Co 

James Brighouse out of the UK makes these gorgeous lamps made out of reclaimed and new wood, steel and LED lights. Many look like the old marquee lights you would see in movie theaters or bars back in the 50's.  These are functional lights handmade on Etsy with a vintage flair!  The store is located in the UK but shipping to the states is not expensive at all!  Above: The vintage style anchor light above would look great in a cottage or lake house, and even in Gramp's garage over his boat.  Cost is $180 USA plus $50 shipping which doesn't make the item a bad by at $230 total. 

Fairground Marquee Arrow at Lamplight Design Co
Stunning Marquee Arrow at Lamplight Design Company

I am drawn to the arrow above, as I remember as a child the old movie theatres that still had the arrows. Even visiting Ocean City's boardwalk, I'd see these old arrows signaling to "come in" to the gaming halls or the instant photo booths. Finding them now is rare and this new item made by Lamplight Design Company has a vintage style patina and comes in different colors to match the home.  Not to mention having LED lights is safe and cost effective and can light up a room for pennies on the dollar. The arrow above retails for $113 USA and shipping to the USA East Coast runs about $51.  Certainly a worthwhile purchase for $164.

Love Sign for Yard or House by Lamplight Design Company

You can never have enough love....by Lamplight Design Company

My favorite of course is this stunning display of LOVE, all four letters are large and bright, measuring over will run you over $600, but perhaps for a wedding or special gathering (meant for indoor use, but you can use outside temporarily as long as you take in when finished)  would be a work of art that all your guests would adore. I think especially great for photographers staging videos.  I simply LOVE this sign.  

According to their Etsy profile, the husband and wife team James and Samantha Brighouse loves nostalgia and work from home in England. They state that lifestyle merchandising is their passion and they offer unique items for your surroundings.  All of thier lamps are made with LED battery op lights. That's not all that is in their shop , you will even find tshirts and hand painted signs. 

For all you Manilow Maniacs or Breakfast Club generation out there.................

Barry Manilow Sign from Lamplight Design Company
Go crazy with this quote sign, only $126.99 handpainted.


Monday, June 26, 2017

Vintage Shabby French Post Cards from Paris Collector's Dream

Buy Shabby French Post cards
A stack of 30 postmarked only $28 at RetroChalet on Etsy

Post cards from Paris, yes, they are real and old.  A post card collector's dream. If you love shabby ephemera, or collecting post cards, these stacks of retro cards are for you.  Maybe it's just me, but I was a bit nosy trying to read what they say. Perhaps the fact of romance from days gone by never gets old.
French Post Cards Collection
Gorgeous Written letters just waiting to be had. @RetroChalet

RetroChalet now has many lots available from a huge French post card buyout: stamped, unstamped, written or unwritten.  It seems after taking French two years to be exact,  I cannot for the life of me read these.

How romantic that loved ones, friends and neighbors traveled on vacation to areas of  France sending back greetings and salutations. Many have old stamps or post marks which would look great in collage and scrapbooking.

Many collectors of post cards may find them interesting to read, they are in  dull used shabby condition.

Go see them here:
Paris, French, Collage..at retrochalet

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