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Help With Selling on Etsy (Last Updated 3.20.16)
Selling on Etsy  All sellers need to read this.  Do's and Don'ts on Etsy
Help on Etsy  Etsy Official Help Home Page
10 Tips for Etsy Sellers   Squidoo 10 Tips for Etsy Sellers
How to Sell Vintage on Etsy  How to Sell Vintage on Etsy
Etsy Storque Blog   Quit Your Day Job Series
Etsy Marriage Helpful Marketing Approach by Ira Mency on Handmadeology
Join the Etsy Success Team  Etsy Success Team
Free Etsy Banners   Free Etsy Banners
Treasury Widget Tools  By Craftcult
PIF?  Pay it Forward, How they Help your Etsy  Shop by Etsy Recyclers Guild
Add A Wee "Pocket Shop" to Your Site or Blog  Pocket Shop by CraftCult
The Correct Way to Make a Treasury  Correct Way to Make a Treasury

Help for Any Online Seller (Pricing & Photography)
How to Price Your Items   How to Price Vintage   
Free Photo Editor   PicMonkey 
Photography Help  Tutorial by An Blath Paipeir
How to Get Studio Quality Photos At Home by Anna From House of Mouse
Giveaways  Giveaway, do they help?  (Coming Soon) Secrets to a good giveaway

Help  (Marketing, Social Networking, etc) 
Marketing Tips  Read it Here by Ira Mency
Every Opportunity is a Marketing Opportunity  Marketing Article
Twitter Jargon and Explanation  Webopedia
TweetDeck Application (to automate your posting)   Get it here!
Facebook Pages : Pick an Easy URL Username!  Facebook User Name
Google Analytics to View Traffic Sources  Proof in Analytics by Ira Mency
Sites You Can Submit Your Blog to For Free  Note: from 2008  50 Sites (*skip any paid ones!)

5 Part Series : How to Get Your Art in a Gallery 
Part Two    The Online Portfolio
Questions and Answers          Q&A Part One and Two
Part Three   Artist Networking
Part Four
Part Five    

Advertising and Blog Features (Free & $5 or less )
Get a Free Blog Post on Etsy Rainbows           Etsy Rainbows Get Featured
Get a Free Blog Post on Etsy Artisan             Etsy Artisans Get Featured
Guest Post or Submit Stories (Vintage)               Vintage Chalet Submissions 
Project Wonderful(Affordable Advertising)  An Article about Project Wonderful

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