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My Vintage Chalet blog and website has been around since 2011. I am focused on high quality content and share content to my pinterest and my Twitter account. I live, love and breathe Vintage!  Vintage Chalet  focuses on collecting, living vintage, retro finds and antiques and creations that pay homage to the past.  

Earnings Disclosure

Me, aka, the owner of this website features sponsored posts, where I may receive compensation for featuring "a site" or "a shop" or "a store" or "a link" on this blog for which I have or will receive monetary compensation for. This could occur when when the reader (you) clicks on the links. This may include sponsored posting , sponsored links, and / or Google Ad Sense ads. 

Content Policy 

Please note, I pride myself on good content and write about antiques becuase I love them and sell my own in my RetroChalet shop.  I turn down anything that I do not feel is in my best interest in the blog posts.  The items I select are merely our own favorite items from the shops we ask us to be featured, therefore, we are writing honest opinions on the best deals from the shop or advertiser. 

Quality Policy

I  try to fix and remove all broken links but over time this has gotten out of my control. If you see a broken picture or link, please let me know as I pride the reader on having a good experience.  

Getting Featured

Submissions are OPEN, here's how! Three ways:

  1. Blog Post Feature We offer these option here. 
  2. Trade Features   Have a vintage blog or antique site?  Want to trade posts, you feature my shop and I'll feature yours? Contact me on Etsy at RetroChalet!
  3. Sidebar Advertising  $50 Year! Get featured on the sidebar. Want to nab this up? Contact me on Etsy at RetroChalet!