Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sterling Silver Vintage Goodies at 2goodponiesvintage

Rolex Silver Spoon

Nothing says Rolex Like this Silver Spoon, cost $29.00

2goodponiesvintage on Etsy is our featured shop today. There are all kinds of great items to be had.  Today we're highlighting sterling silver trinket and flatware. Above we have a Rolex family spoon - yes made in Sterling Silver, and a demitasse spoon.  This has the Rolex Crown logo above the Bucherer Watches, Lucerne stamp.

George W. Shiebler Sterling Silver Fork and Spoon, Tiffany Silver, Kings

George W. Shiebler Sterling Silver Fork and Spoon, Tiffany Silver, Kings Pattern $199

Some sterling silver is hard to find, like the above Kinds pattern fork and knife originally sold by Tiffany & Co, dating back 1876-1910. Hallmarked and lovely, made by George W. Sheibler of New York.  The shop is curated by Karyn and Jay in Johnson City, Tennessee (who started her collecting bug when she went to her first swap meet in grade school.)

Sterling Silver Baby Rattle

Ironically you don't see many sterling teething rings or baby rattles, the one above is from 1939 and attached to a Mother of Pearl teething ring. Certainly for the rich and famous, quite lovely after all these years.    Although most of the above items are sterling silver, the item below is actually pewter, although made by the Stieff company - this is a Kirk Stieff Pewter Bracelet, unique at best.

Kirk Stieff Pewter Bracelet - Cuff Bracelet
Stieff Pewter Bracelet - Cuff Bracelet  $12.00

The shop contains all sorts of collectibles for kitchen, fashion and your life. Check it out at :

Monday, April 13, 2015

Vintage Smurf Collectibles Memorabilia

Smurf Tissue Centerpiece
From The Kitschy Corner $12

Oh how I love thee.   Over the years the Smurfs have been frozen in time, ageless and collecting Smufy memorabilia can be fun and exciting.  Thousands of licensed items have been made.  I wonder how some have survived after all these years.  Many are worth lots of money, others are just so unique you have to have them. Here are a few of my favorites.

Smurf House
Smurf House on Etsy at SleepsWithTurtles $75

In our day we have the smurf house and figures. The earlier figures were sold in Hallmark stores and sold in tiny boxes.  Over the decades a huge variation of smurfs have been made in several countries with many different markings, colors and variations.

Smurfette from Etsy
1981 Smurfette from The Constant Gatherer

Mold markings are often found on the bottoms in the form of a tiny number, and although the date and stamp may indicate that year the smurf was created, not necessarily the year the smurf was made. Due diligence should be done on investigating your smurf value. Here's a great site to start with called "" which boasts that it's the world's largest smurf compendium and we tend to agree!

Smurf Glasses from 1983
Smurf Glasses from 1983, full set sells for $40 at Purveyor of Odd Things
Home decorations, toys and games, party favors and figurines were just a few things you'd fine. Everything from plush animals to bedsheets were smurfed out. These cute little creatures made their ways into many a home.

Smurf Bedsheet
Smurfy Sheet , Twin, $29.99 at TCGHVintage
Over the years many of the sheets and pillows have been used, gained holes or stains and are hard to come by in good vintage condition. If you are lucky you will still find them vibrant like the one above. Often sheets and curtains have been refabricated and upcycled into pillows and handmade items which also make for fun collecting.  Below we have original mint in package memorbilia which has not been used also getting harder to find.

Smurf Pin the Tail Game
Rare, Hong Kong Pin the tail Game $18 here

The Kitschy Corner has a lot of period memorabilia that's worth a look see stocked by Lona who is in the "Michiana" area. She says, "If you're ever in the Southern Michigan/ Northern Indiana area, stop by Booth #23 at the Michiana Antique Mall! I have lots of amazing finds on sale."

Smurf Stickers
Smurf Stickers at Apple Picker Vintage $16

So many Smurfs so little time. Gargamel and his cat Azrael kept the smurfs on their toes. Papa Smurf and Smurfette looked different than the rest.  Finding vintage Azrael Merchandise is getting skimpy. It's hard to find that cute cat. Meow!

Azrael Cat Plush Smurfs
$99.99 Azrael Plushy rare with original tags at VintageSmurfsandMore

Smurf Napkins
Smurf Napkins at TheKitschyCorner $12

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Etsy Vintage Sellers Migrate to New Site AZCraze A-Z Craze

Antique Coin at AZCraze
Antique Coin 1837 from AZ Craze

There's a new website for vintage sellers make it easy for Etsy users to import their items. A-Z Craze is an online marketplace for those who make handmade crafts or have antique and vintage items to sell. It's much like Etsy or Artfire and allow different plans for sellers which may in turn prove to be more cost effective then the previous two marketplaces.

A-Z Craze

AZ Craze allows vintage or handmade sellers to choose from two different plans:

  • If you choose a flate rate $10 plan you get zero comissions. 
  • Or, you can list products for free and pay 5% commission. 

Antique Map on A-Z Craze
It's so simple it hurts.  Aside form that they have a few key features.

They have an integrated Etsy importer whcih allows you to auto import Etsy products into the A-ZCraze shop.  In other words, your items would be listed in both places at once!

They have an A-Z Craze for Facebook where you can list your products easily to your Facebook pages.

There's also something called " Tiny Shop " where you have products on sites, blogs, and much more.

There's also twitter feed capabilities.

Check them out at

This is a sponsored post.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Vintage Glassware Mix It Up Yellow Bee Vintage

YellowBeeVintage Glassware on Etsy
Beautiful Purple Pedestal at Yellow Bee Vintage for $39 would look lovely on any table.
Glassware: Look at all the Pretty Colors

Staying with our previous post of Vintage Orange Juice Pitchers and Glasses, we thought we would highlight some great vintage glassware items we found on Etsy.

Green Uranium Glassware at Yellow Bee Vintage on Etsy

This green glassware is made of Uranium and is glowing gorgeous for $15 at YellowBeeVintage

Many people think collecting old glassware means you have to match everything completely together, but this is not so. Adding vintage glassware to compliment some of your current designs or antiques, even if they don't match perfectly is quite okay.
Fenton Beaded Vase on Etsy
Fenton Beaded Melon Vase $23 on Etsy here

These wonderful creations we found at YellowBeeVintage on Etsy. The prices are great and even with shipping and handling, the final cost keeps you coming back. So for those who turn up their nose at mix and match glassware, we only have one question, you wouldn't do it for china and ceramics would you?

Russel Wright China on Etsy
Gorgeous mix of Russel Wright ceramics at Yellow Bee Vintage . 
The shop is run by Nicci from Pheonix, Arizona.  Although this was a sponsored post to feature an item from Yellow Bee Vintage, we loved the shop so much we did the whole blog article about them.