Monday, February 16, 2015

Vintage Orange Juice Pitchers and Glasses

LemonHeadpress on Etsy
Deal of the Century:  $14 gets you the pitcher and glasses at LemonHeadPress

Orange You Smart?

There used to be an old song on television when I was growing up as a kid. In fact, I found a Youtube Video circa 1982.  Instead of aren't you smart they did Orange you smart, which was catchy and a nice little play on words.  The parts I remember went like this :

 "Orange you smart, for drinking orange juice, for that clean and sunny sunny taste...orannnngeeeege you smart................"

Pitchers in the kitchen with glasses for breakfast didn't just happen in the 50's and 60's but into the 70's and 80's when I was a kid.  It was a big thing having a square breakfast before school. Up until that time mom's didn't always work and mine was home taking care of us making us eat our cereal and drink our juice. That was a lot of liquid let me tell you!  Now those days are long gone, most parents are both working.

orange juice pitcher on etsy
LookBackVintage on Etsy has this set for $18

Perhaps the best thing about collecting is these look great on the table . Prices above are considered low and very fair to account for shipping charges.   Orange juice memorabilia can brighten up any retro kitchen.  The vintage milk caps below, even took time to advertise orange juice.  

Juice Caps from Vintage Rescue Squad
A cute collectible, these milk caps, get all 40 pcs for $5 at VintageRescueSquad on Etsy

Caps could be fashioned into something fun for the kitchen or in craft projects.  I always thought putting a magnet on the back would make for very cute fridge magnets, or poking a hole and using them for adornments on a fruit basket given to a sick friend. Taking the kitchen decorating a step further, you could look for Florida merchandise. Associated with oranges, Florida was a great place to find kitschy novelties shaped like oranges.

orange slice coasters from etsy

These coasters are souvenirs of Florida, fromVeesVintage are only $6

Corny little oranges can adorn your whole kitchen and look cute in the process. Tons of salt and peppers are on the market for a few bucks.  Find retro orange aprons, tea towels and prints for the kitchen.

orange salt and peppers from etsy
Find these at Mabel Street Miscellany, for only $7

Orange Slice Trivet From Etsy
Orange Slice Trivet from Etsy Shop WolvesAhead  $12

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Old Silhouettes are New Again Elle Yi Artist

Etsy shop SilhouettesbyElle
Some of the adorable work you'll find in Silhouettes By Elle

What Once Was Forgotten Shall Return

If you have a liking for vintage antiques or collectibles, then surely you've seen an old Silhouette. Originally dating back to the  1700's , this is where artists generally cut a shape out of paper and these were quite fashionable. Often framed against a solid background, it left imagination up to the beholder as to what was originally being depicted. 

Such art has made history such as Goethe 's famous Silhouette facing a grave monument cut out of paper circa 1780.  According to Wikipedia, this was a common practice of artists yet somehow, over time this became a lost trait, until Etsy shop SihouettesbyElle  emerged. Elle Yi, straight from the Croton on the Hudson (New York) is bringing history back using age old traditions and putting them to work. Her shop has gained notice from Etsy in this article here.  

Silhouettes by Elle  on Etsy
Above, hand cut bridal would work for anyone getting married! Pic: Etsy

SilhouettesbyElle answered a few of our questions.  Her shop is full of custom portraits, pet, wedding and great gift ideas.

Custom Cut Portraits on Etsy
It is incredible that Elle is reviving a lost art.  These are custom cut portraits!

Q: Why are you drawn to portraiture? 

A:  Every time people look at my elegant and unique silhouette they will surely smile, as they are flooded with the beautiful memories of their life. This silhouette art is a great way to remember special one or day. Moreover, a stunning keepsake to treasure for years to come, my custom hand cut child’s silhouette is the perfect addition to any home décor for everyday life.

Custom Pet Silhouette by Elle Yi

Elle doesn't just do people, she also can do pets. Order a custom pet portrait here.

Q:  What do you find inspiring about creating the likenesses of strangers?

Classic and sweet, each of unique hand cut silhouettes is made just “for its own families”. Mostly, I have created the silhouettes of kids ranged from newborn to teens and wedding couples. Whenever I receive the special notes from loving moms and husbands when they are impressed by my silhouette projects. I am confident that my works of art will surely make moms/families/wedding couples smile as they glance upon a beautiful silhouette of a loved one each day.

Before we go, Elle has received notes from customers about her art and how rare it is to find work so wonderful.  In her shop you will find sizes ranging from 4"x 6" custom portraits to oversize (larger than 11"x14") and with a quick convo she will speak to you about accommodating your needs.  

Catch up with Elle: 


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Catching up with TheIDConnection

Ugly Sweater from Etsy shop TheIDConnection
Winter's here, this original ugly sweater is found at TheIDConnection on Etsy!
We are thrilled with the vintage selection found at TheIDConnection on Etsy. There are so many items and we don't know what we will find there. When we say so many, we mean THOUSANDS of items. Who has time to list that many ? This shop in Galveston, that's who. Wow.    We asked Roland and Monica, shop owners for a minute of their time,  for an interview, and here's what they said.

Rainbow Fish gay happy fish found at TheIDConnection on Etsy
Rainbow Fish on Etsy found at TheIDConnection

Why and when did you start selling vintage? 

In 1996 we opened our antique store, and came online in October 2008!  We are always listing new items in our Etsy shop, TheIDConnection!

What your favorite vintage items are or what you collect? 

Vintage Clothes, Jewelry, & Paper.  We collect a bit of everything!

Bali Dragon

Gorgeous Antiques can be found at TheIDConnection

Anything currently in your shop with a great story? 

We have a large collection of Indonesian, Bali antiquities. We conducted an estate sale and the owners commissioned us to sell these items. Items that go back to the 60's and 70's. 

What item will you hate to see go and why? 

The apothecary cabinet.  (See below --- The cabinet is authentic 1900's Medical Chest of Drawers from the Rice Institute of Houston, Texas. Made of solid oak it holds twelve dove tailed drawers, ten of which have original locks.  The cabinet is expected to be circa 1914-1914 as the Rice Institute changed names to the Rice University in Houston, TX ).

Vintage Apothecary Cabinet Detailing
Apothecary Cabinet

This apothecary cabinet says it's from The Rice Institute 

Anything else you want folks to know? 

We have over 3000 items.  A huge selection of vintage and antique items.  Follow us on Twitter and Pinterest!

Find out more: 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Boxes, Luggage and Trunks at TheGlossedAndFound

TypographyBox on Etsy TheGlossedAndFound
What a box, typography we love and this you can put your special things in. Only $25

How we love antique boxes, trunks and luggage! We found a great Etsy shop called TheGlossedAndFound which features trunks, luggage, bags, antiques, furniture and home decor!  We and had a chance to pull some of our favorite items while talking to the owner/curator Shelly from Boston Massachusetts.  Shelly is a transplant from Georgia and loves treasure hunting for the extroidniary !

Vintage 9 for only $10 at TheGlossedandFound on Etsy
 This way cool 9 is only 10 bucks that is, at TheGlossedAndFound

Q: How long have you been collecting vintage? 

A: I've been a treasure hunter since I could walk! I've always enjoyed seeing new and unusual things and it's really stuck with me. I have many fond memories of my great grandmother's house as a child. She was born in 1920 so you can imagine the wonderful decor in her Illinois home. I think that's where the wonder first began.

vintage trunk from Etsy shop TheGlossedAndFoundThis farm trunk would make an interesting table.  Find it here. 

Q: What are your favorite vintage things? 

A: I'm absolutely fascinated with steamer trunks. They're these gorgeous behemoths from the past that make fantastic coffee tables and storage chests. Then, once it's in your house, you imagine someone carrying this on a journey with them and being part of the industrial revolution... it just never gets old (no pun intended).

VIntage Trunk on Etsy

 Trunks like this are a passion of Shelly's. This one is for sale in her shop. 
Rare Asian Dowry Chest  on Etsy

Rare Asian Dowry Chest.  See it here. 

Q: What thing in your shop has the best story, or would you say is your greatest find ever?

A: We currently have a beautiful antique dowry chest, incredibly well-preserved, that was purchased in Southeast Asia over 50 years ago. Despite its near-perfect condition, this chest is estimated to be over 100 years old, sturdily crafted with daeng and teak and gilded with dovetail joints. The incredible craftsmanship and unique attributes of the piece, such as the hand-molded iron hardware, high quality materials and the unusual depictions of Buddha sitting lotus, suggest that it was produced in a remote locale by a wealthy groom’s family for his bride-to-be. 

Vintage Mannequin on Cast Iron Base on Etsy at TheGlossedAndFound
 Simply Stunning and we must agree with Shelly, her Lacy Mannequin is our favorite thing too!

Q: What is your absolute favorite thing in your shop right now, the kind of thing that has a wonderful story and you will absolutely HATE to see go?  

A:  Oh gosh, I have that problem a lot. Right now I’m most in love with a lacy mannequin on an antique cast iron base. I’ve always wanted one for some reason!

Q: Anything special you want people to know? 

A: If there’s something in particular you’re looking for, let us know and we’ll do our best to locate it. We have new inventory weekly so be sure to check back often.

Authors Note:  We couldn't decide between featuring the awesome trunks and antique relics or the fashion items. Shelly has a lot of vintage handbags in her store, so if you are the true fashionista be sure to check them out!

Connect with Shelly:
On Etsy