Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mad Home Style Russel Wright Mid Century Modern

Russel Wright Iroquois at MadHomeStyle on Etsy
Russel Wright Iroquois Stackable Creamer $13.99

If you like mid century modern and vintage goods, and decorating your home in mad-men vintage style, we have found the place for you.  MadHomeStyle on Etsy has the best retro finds!  There is a large selection of Russel Wright presently in the shop...

Russel Wright Dinnerware on Etsy at MadHomeStyle
MadHomeStyle on Etsy has a large selection of Russel Wright

The shop is run by Jaime, from Richmond, Virginia. She is a lover of all things vintage, most especially Mid Century and Danish Modern items, and it shows! 

Funky MId Century Modern at Mad Home Style on Etsy
Funky Abstract Bowl, $16.99

New stock is always being added, and some of the great finds include:  Vintage California Pottery, Danish Modern, items made in Holland, melmac and melamine!


Friday, September 19, 2014

Estate Sales Flea Markets Find One Now

Estate Sale merchandise on EstateSale.Company website
Blair's Estate Sale site is featured on EstateSale.Company  Photo:

Estate Sale.Company Website

If you are looking for a great estate sale near you, check out this new site called EstateSale.Company.  Yes, it's like instead of dot com or dot net, it's dot company!  Pretty neat huh. There are treasures just waiting to be found by you!  When I checked the site out, it had featured estate sales and a regular listing of estate sale companies that it seems to pull from the world wide web's Twitter, Facebook and public posts. Therefore you may find something that is only advertised online near you, and not in the paper!  What a great way to keep abreast of upcoming deals!
Phrenology Heads on EstateSale.Company site
Phrenology Heads on EstateSale.Company site

What a great way to find vintage, antique or collectible goodies.  This treasure trove of merchandise above looks like it could have original china in the original box, vintage matchbox cars, and old dolls just to name a few items. Not to mention the antique furniture in the background. Makes me want to get there and dig and dig until I find the best treasures ever!

This is a must for anyone who loves vintage, antiques or collectibles. estate sales are great becasue oten there is so much items accumulated you can make a great big pile and walk away with a steal or the day!

Find out more:  http://www.EstateSale.Company 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Forgotten Commodities Vintage Kitchen Wares Galore

Vintage Milk Bottle on Etsy
Vintage milk bottle a steal at only $6.95 on Etsy shop ForgottenCommodities
We have found this great Etsy shop called Forgotten Commodities which features a large selection of vintage kitchen wares. We had a chance to talk to the owner, Tiffany all the way from Elkhart, Indiana and found out what makes inspires her!

Q :  Why and when did you start selling vintage?

A: I opened my shop in June 2014. I have a love and appreciation of all things vintage, with a specific interest in housewares and décor. I began collecting vintage items over the last decade and realized that I had so much of it in my home that I needed to spread the love to make room for more. Instead of simply donating to the local thrift store, I decided that I could turn my hobby into a money making opportunity. So now I can still enjoy "picking" to my hearts content, and share it with the world via my Etsy shop.

Q: What your favorite vintage items are or what you collect?

 A: I absolutely love vintage items that can store something inside. Be it crates, canisters, tins, or cases. There's something about the dual purpose of an item that appeals to me. First that it's decorative and appealing to the eyes, and also that it's practical and has a real purpose. Let's face it, we all need the extra storage. What better way to get it than to put your home décor to work?

Vintage Rooster Glasses at forgotten Commodities
These glasses are $19.95 and from 60's-70's era. Would match lots of 70's era gold and browns decor in your vintage kitchen!

Q: Anything currently in your shop with a great story?

A: In my shop there is a set of drinking glasses. I was out with a friend yard sale-ing and we happened upon a sale that didn't seem to have a whole lot to offer. There really wasn't much to see and I just about turned around to leave when in my peripheral vision I saw a box under a table, as if it had been stored away and wasn't for sale. I figured I'd check anyway. The lady running the sale said she wasn't going to set it out for sale because she didn't think anyone would be interested, but she offered to let me take a look. The box was old and beat up, torn in a couple places even. But inside was a complete and immaculate set vintage glasses that I instantly fell in love with. So I made them mine! It was hard to come to the decision to sell them, but alas they are for sale.

Antique Tin Cookware
Very rare and unusual Antique Tin Cookware, $49.95 just waiting to be had!

Q: What item will you hate to see go and why? 

A: Of all the lovelies for sale in my shop I do have a few contenders for the hardest thing to let go of. But I'd have to say the set of three antique tin cookware is at the top. They couldn't be use for cooking now, but would be amazing on a wall! It's vintage, rustic, well aged and has a nice patina...need I say more?

Black Iron Rooster
Black Iron Rooster, $10.95 would make a nice kitchen door stop.

Q: Anything else you want folks to know? 

A:  I'd invite all true vintage lovers to visit my shop and share in my hobby!
Find out more and connect with Tiffany here : 

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