Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Retro Roadshow Jewelry Antiques Collectibles

1910 Garnets Make this Star brooch a great gift from RetroRoadshow on etsy

 Rose / Starfish brooch, circa 1910 full of garnets reg price $75

RetroRoadshow started their Etsy shop in April 2014.  Joshua Snyder  is curator of this upscale  jewelry and vintage boutique from Ravenna, Ohio that features a lot of Czech, Danish and deco styled pieces you just don't see very often.  I had the chance to find out more!

Vintage bird brooch from RetroRoadshow

You never know what you will find at Etsy shop RetroRoadshow!

Q: Why and when did you start selling vintage? 
White gold Cuff Links you dont see them often   RetroRoadshow on EtsyWe started out of necessity. While in school we would go to estate sales and garage sales for the added income. After falling in love with anything Czech, we decided to take a trip to Prague in search of rare and unusual costume jewelry. We found several items and have maintained the hobby ever since.

White Gold Cufflinks, hard to find these days, find them here.

Q. What your favorite vintage items are or what you collect?  

 We will sell anything, although I have an affinity for cuff links. Anything vintage and rare is what we love to find, and treasure.

Q: Anything currently in your shop with a great story? 

The Chinese silver and enamel bracelet is from the early 1800s and it is amazing and authentic antique history. 

Tie Clip or Hair Clip you decide retroroadshow on Etsy
                    This mystery piece is a Chinese dragon Boat, but is it for your hair or tie?

Q: What item will you hate to see go and why?

I love the Danish enamel necklaces. I find them exquisite. 

Bohemian Necklace at RetroRoadshow
You will find all sorts of vintage necklaces from 1910-1970 , this one Czech Bohemian Filigree

Q: What else do you want people to know

We love to help people find what they are looking for. Nothing satisfies us more than an ongoing friendship. 

Check out RetroRoadshow on Etsy now and drop them a line via CONVO to tell them what you are looking for!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Look for Less at Country Porch

Vintage Fan Lamp
Vintage Fan Lamp at Country Porch

If you love vintage but can't bring yourself to pay prices for antiques you love, Country Porch has a lot of vintage styled reproduction functional objects for the modern decorator. Get the look for less! Here's a few of our favorites.   Above, a vintage fan lamp that will blend in with any decor. The cost of this look? $97.95.  If you were to have a lamp, and a vintage fan, expect to pay over $300.

Country Quilt
Country Quilt at Country Porch

The vintage style throw above looks just like those expensive patchwork quilts.  Note this measures a whopping 50"x60" for $89.95 and is machine washable, unlike those fragile quilts of yesterday that you can expect to pay upwards of $250 for this size.

Vintage Candy Buckets
Vintage Candy Buckets, here at Country Porch.

Adorable Vintage candy pails are a hit at Halloween, but also make an eye-catching display for the modern decorator for any time of the year.  These are a great conversation piece.  Feel great having all three pails for $59.95 (about $20 each) versus paying up to $99 per item for fragile paper mache' antiques online.

See more great vintage styled items here: Vintage on Country Porch

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Vintage Carpets Retro Rugs on Etsy

Vintage Carpet on Etsy
Vintage Carpets like these are found on Etsy, at shop RetroRugs.
Here's a great new design-worthy idea. Making handmade rugs from vintage carpets and textiles. That's what RetroRugs shop on Etsy is doing.   This shop from Greece that finds the best vintage Turkish rugs and textiles, re-washing them for quality standards, and some (like the one above and below ) are hand sewn together for a unique look. 
Vintage Carpet
Vintage Carpet shows the sewn together look making it one of a kind. Found on Etsy, at shop RetroRugs

The shop states that all rugs are handmade and as you can see, designs are stunning.  They separate them by color scheme so you can find something to match your decor. Nothing like having a one of a kind rug made of vintage components!  There are round runners as well, and some way cool designs.

Vintage Rug made from Vintage Carpets
Vintage Rug made from Vintage Carpets on Etsy at Retro Rugs looks like the UK flag!

They even have an inspiration page on their main website, so you can see how nice these rugs look in other people's homes, offices, hotels, or work places.  Imagine yours looking so great with a patchwork rug, just like Susanne's below:
Vintage Carpets
Vintage Carpets, see more inspiration here.

Visit this Etsy Shop Retro Rugs 
Or see more rugs at  www.vintagecarpets.com
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