Friday, November 25, 2016

Candiland Art Vintage Art Decor Upcycled

Candiland Art Candiland Vintage on Etsy
Candiland Art Find it here!

Recycling and upcycling vintage is something I've been preaching and living for years. Now it seems I am not alone!  That's exactly what Candiland Candice does with her Candiland Art  Etsy shop from Conroe, Texas. Her art is made of 100% vintage components.  On top of that, she sells vintage., so what's not to love?  Let's delve into her Etsy shop a little further.

Re-Art Horse...@CandilandArt

This horse has been upcycled into functional decor for your home. Va-va-voom that's real gold you are looking at....using snippets of paper has transformed something old into something new and functional again. A great piece of artwork for your home.
Temple of the Scorpion Goddess Mixed Media Assemblage

Mixed Media Assemblage "Temple of the Scorpion Goddess" $60

Assemblages also adorn this shop. This sculpture above is made in an antique drawer, mixed with vintage components and would look great hanging on the wall. A conversation piece at that.  You can find wall art, gift ideas and even posters of the art to boot!

True vintage can be found here as well. The following items are rare and worthy of mention.

Vintage Sinclair Lubricant Bucket

Vintage Sinclair Lubricant Bucket $125

This Sinclair lubricant bucket is a rare fine, it's an early example of Sinclair Oil Company's claim to fame.  One of the oldest oil companies, it is family owned and been around over 100 years. Finding large buckets like this that aren't completely rusted out and with good graphics is hard. Note the small dinosaur logo on the front.

Samsung Vintage Phone

Galaxy Flashback! Seems like technology is moving so fast it's hard to think of rotary phones and Samsung in the same sentence. More often than not when we do remember rotaries it's normally "Ma and Pa Bell" as in Bell System phones, those big clunky models.   Samsung was also in the running and making handset phones all these years.  This is an early Samsung Rotary Phone, rare in the sense that black and red is highly desirable among vintage and phone collectors and also on a joint note that it's called Hi-Phone most likely for "high tech" ......  
What are these from CandilandArt? Click to see
What are these? Vintage Horse Combs! Find them here.

Rusty and Crusty collectibles are a stable in this shop. A true artist appreciates the beauty in the old, worn and forgotten. Whether you browse for vintage finds for your home, or to use the items and repurpose into something else, it's worth a look see.  The collection of curry combs above were to groom horses, sometimes with the shedding blades used to rid the horse of excess hair that had grown in the winter months. Most today are a mix of plastic.

Find out more at CandilandArt on Etsy.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

DinnerWear Jewelry Dinnerware Pendants Upcycled

Dinnerware Made into Necklace DinnerWear Jewelry from Etsy
DinnerWear Jewelry made this Pansy Pendant from Old China $48

Vintage Repurposed!

DinnerWear Jewelry on Etsy has a unique appreciation for old china or dinnerware.  See here how something broken, cracked or otherwise headed for the landfill is spared and made into something grand.  Behold the wearable art masterpieces from Mary Ann Wood.  From bracelets to necklaces you never know what you may find here.

Blue Willow Bracelet Upcycled from DinnerWear Jewelry

Blue Willow Anyone? From plate to bracelet, you can have it all.

Some would call her a mixed media artist as she has a love for repurposing and reusing that which may of otherwise perished. She explains, "I have always loved working with old found objects and have collected china every since I was a little girl, so when I started DinnerWear Jewelry, it was a natural fit. " Designs come out of her studio in Franklin, Massachusetts.
Custom Jewelry Made from Dinnerware at DinnerWear Jewelry
You can immortalize something of your families to pass down generation to generation!

The best part of this shop is the fact you can send in an old saucer, or plate and have her make a custom design for you.  This way, the plate is passed down in jewelry form. As china may often get broken, a necklace hand-me-down seems so much easier.
Pendant made from Vintage Plate at DinnerWear Jewelry
Immortalizing old china forever, DinnerWear Jewelry loves custom orders.

Also in this shop you will find lovely creations (non dinnerware) made from old cameos and the like, but our favorite is certainly the dinnerware, immortalized in time forever!  Of course we can't get enough of the china though.......

Editor's Pick:

Lily of the Valley DinnerWear Jewelry

Lily of the Valley Necklace Repurposed by DinnerWear Jewelry

The Lily of the Valley is one of my favorite flowers, it is sweet smelling yet has an air of mystery as it is poisonous. No worries here, this succulent flower is captured in it's immortalized china form and offset into a sweet heart necklace. What does this pendant say to you? Perhaps the beauty of a Bride-to-be, your best friend, or your daughter.  Or, perhaps this is the perfect necklace for your Mother-in-law! For behind every good piece of china, there is certainly a story!

Find out more here: DinnerWearJewelry

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Studio Vintage Curiosities and Collectibles

vintage washboard from etsy shop studiovintage
Studio Vintage Washboard $55.95

Today's featured shop is Studio Vintage, found on Etsy. This shop is from Canada and offers the best curiosities, antiques and collectibles. From french farmhouse to shabby cottage chic, you never know what you may find. Shipping most items to the USA is not an issue, shipping is affordable and fair. Here are some of our favorite finds.  Above, a washboard would make a great addition to the wall, in the washroom or foyer.

Purple vintage apron from studiovintage on etsy
StudioVintage purple apron find, oh so lovely. Reg Price $18.95

Oh my how we adore the vintage apron above in purple paisley. A cute fun frolicking item and aprons like these in original form and in good shape are becoming harder and harder to find. Most of us must settle for reproductions but this is in the original form and worth every penny! For the hostess with the mostess or fabulous entertainer, nab this baby before it's gone.

Green Depression Glass on Sale
Studio Vintage has this green depression glass on sale!

One of the best things about shopping for vintage is you never know what may possess you for starting a collection. At one time green depression glassware was untouchable in price. Being that it's more affordable now, it is a worthy item to start collecting. Not only does it look fabulous in a china cabinet or hutch, but may be something fun for treasure hunting or thrifting. The divided dish above would function well in an office or boudoir to hold your pins, rings, necklaces, and things.
Green Depression Glass Collection
Start a depression glass collection, the time is now!

Unique to this Etsy shop is the fact the curator/owner "S." notices the small things, like door plates, rusty hinges, and knobs or adornments that may be otherwise overlooked or forgotten. You will find a plethora of these notions in her shop.  She says, "Nothing beats the rush when from across the room, I spy, an amazing find and have to maneuver quickly to scoop it up! Returning to the Studio after a morning's haul is a magical time. It is then, that I get to lovingly inspect each piece, marvelling at the uniqueness, craftsmanship, and design - wondering what stories this time honoured piece may hold. As I photograph these beautiful pieces for listing, I wonder who might stumble across them, celebrate their beauty as I do and give them a new home."
Vintage Rusty Farmhouse Hinge
Shabby Hinge @ Studio Vintage is great for many uses including folk art and functionality of a shabby towel drying rack! 

 Above, the hinge was spotted on a sale at $8.64, but even for regular price of $11.95 this unique item with scalloped edging can be used for many things.  You can use the hinge in craft making or simply mount in your kitchen for a towel drying rack. We love it shabby and left alone, but you could paint to match your decor. We've also seen a piece of wood adorned with these type hinges, made into a folk art Christmas tree. (see below)

Brass Knobs at Studio Vintage
Brass Knobs at Studio Vintage
Antique Brass Hinge on Etsy

This lovely antique Victorian hinge shows it's years of paint aka character. 

Collect several styles and varieties to make something wonderful.  Perhaps adorning a towel rack, making a wooden birdhouse, or something like the below will give you motivation to see the beauty in every little thing like StudioVintage does.

Make your own folk art with hinges and adornments. This little tree could be possible with placing different hinges back to back!

Please visit: 
Studio Vintage on Etsy to see more

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Friday, October 14, 2016

MrsNateUSA Vintage Style Aprons American Made

Blue and White Polka Dot Handmade Apron
Adorable Blue and White Apron MrsNateUSA

Calling all housewives and hostesses with the mostesses, this shop, MrsNateUSA makes these retro style aprons in the good old USA!  I simply adore them, they look so 50's kitsch!

Owl Apron Vintage style etsy shop MrsNateUSA

The Owl Apron is called "Who-o-o's Coming to Dinner", find it here $48

The shop is run by Jean Noethlich, from Geneva, Illinois. She prides herself in using American made fabrics and double d rings, so that the aprons are high quality! Her shop supports American businesses and would make anyone look adorably chic in the kitchen!  

Pink Guitar Apron MrsNateUSA
Pink Guitar Apron, Love this, $48 here.

The pink guitar apron is great for anyone who loves music, from country to rock this would make a great apron for the music gal in your life!  Dabbled in acoustic style guitars, pink makes it fun! (Above).  For the doggie lover in your friends, family or Christmas list the below apron would work well. 

Dog Apron
Doggone cute, $48 here.

Please check out other items from MrsNateUSA here!