Sunday, April 3, 2016

Lost and Forged Flatware Repurposed

Lost and Forged Flatware Watch
Flatware Repurposed Watch $79 makes for functional and usable item.  Find here.

Lost & Forged

Simply amazing creations are coming out of the Etsy shop LostandForged. The shop owner Douglas Heifetz from Silver Spring Maryland has found a way to use old forgotten flatware, repurposing them into functional items. Here you will find special momentos from jewelry to decor. High quality "forged" craftsmanship is used and care taken to preserve the integrity of every piece. 

Fork Cuff Bracelet Lost and Forged
Cuff Bracelet from Lost and Forged a gorgeous fork to wear forever!  $28

The shop also offers to help preserve your family heirlooms, indicating that you can send them your silverware to have them create an unforgettable piece for you. This is a way to preserve family traditions and something you can pass on.  From fork bracelets, to spoon rings, pendants, necklaces, Judaica items and accessories, you can work on a custom piece with them.  Imagine that, sending in your great grandmother's spoon to create something functionally wearable like this: 

Spoon Ring from Lost and Forged
Spoon Ring created from International Silver Century Royal Rose pattern $35.00

Judaica Bracelet from Vintage Serving Spoon & Eilat Stone,
Judaica Bracelet with Hebrew Bible Verse and Eilat Stone

Creativity comes into play with this Rare Eilat Stone (King Solomon's Mines) is embedded in an antique spoon and makes for gorgeous bracelet with inscription of Ecclesiastes 1:9 .   It has been made from a silver Wallace Silversmiths Violet pattern spoon. The Eilat stone is the national stone of Israel and also called the King Solomon Stone, as it is said his mines were loaded with them. It was originally named for the location of the stone in Eilat , Israel (though now have been found in other countries.)  Metaphysical sites claim this stone induces love, healing and calmness. What a great piece!

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Friday, April 1, 2016

Vintage Doll Clothing Patterns 18" Dolls Crochet

Miss Revlon Doll
Vintage Ideal Miss Revlon Doll, $134.99   TollethHouseVintage   

Dress your Vintage 18" Dolls  : American Girl, Effanbee, & Ideal 

Cleaning out a basement finding several 18" sleepy eye dolls on stands dressed in elaborate clothing immediately took me back to days gone by. One, a bridal doll probably 1940's to 1950's.  Back in that era it was not uncommon to get communion dolls, bride dolls, or dolls for every occasion. 

Vintage Doll Clothes
Patterns fit Vintage Dolls, these three $12.50 at AlwaysPrettyinPink

Little girls proudly displayed them on stands or posed them into tiny doll chairs in their rooms.  From Shirley Temple to Chatty Cathy, a gift of a doll was a precious thing, of which the tradition carries on to present times. Not just for girls, boys may have gotten a 1977 Electroman doll by Ideal.  Changing out clothes and posing the doll to be your little best friend wasn't abnormal.  Finding original clothing in good condition is sometimes the issue now, so many collectors choose to buy patterns to make their own.  Old McCall's patterns are sought after to make vintage style clothing to fit the dolls. 

Cowgirl Pattern for Vintage Dolls
Cowgirl pattern fits 18" dolls by Always Pretty in Pink $6.20

This is where Etsy shop Always Pretty in Pink comes in, run by Wanetta out of Canada.  Many of the crocheted patterns she offers fit 18" dolls both new and vintage ones! Cute creations that you see here would look great on your old antique, collectible, or modern collector dolls.  Anyone who can crochet can download them and start making these cute doll clothing.  From mermaid to cowgirl, this shop has everything you need for your vintage dolls.  For $6.20 per average pattern (or three for $12.50) your American Girl doll never looked so great. 

American Girl Doll Patterns
American Girl Doll Pattern $6.20 here.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Vintage Apple Crates Wooden Storage Organization

Crate table by the Crate People
Etsy shop "The Crate People" have tons of old crates made into furniture, this is $355.

Crates, crates, crates!  I just downsized into a country home from a giant 4BR, which led me onto a hunt for packing and stacking systems, and I thought of old crates. That led me to looking for some new ways to store and stack items in an efficient way, and house some craft supplies.   Most of the crates I was drawn to were apple crates, perhaps since blueberry, limes, and other fruit citrus crates are much smaller.

The Crate People
The Crate People sell crates with old label still in tact, they choose, $38 and you call for shipping charges. 

Vintage Apple Crate from Etsy Canelly - one pc shipped to USA under $40
Cannelly has these Canadian Apple crates about $20 each, shipped to US total under $40.

Vintage apple crates with lids or wooden boxes with hinges added over time make for good supply storage boxes. You can put a lot in there, and use them as dual purpose for end tables or under decor extra storage. Some crates that do not have spaced wood are also perfect for storing seasonal clothing.  

Apple Crate Storage Bench from Etsy shop Seeing Better Days
$116.69 Seeing Better Days has a great bench from Antique Apple Crate!

Needless to say I found some great ideas using old apple crates.  How very cool that all of these people are implementing vintage crates in their work!
Apple Crate Coffee Table Etsy Shop Old and Built To Last
Old and Built to Last, uses old crates to make a coffee table on Etsy, $150.

If you really want to take it a step further, use a coaster made from an old apple crate on top of the apple crate to set your drink!

Stella Divinia Apple Crate Coaster
Stella Divina Citrus Crate label Coaster
$14.99 Coaster made from old label.

Stella Divina uses old labels such as this citrus label in making coasters from tile. They are backed with cork and average around $14.99. You can find them at 

DIY Projects with Old Crates: 

Line insides with Fabric and use for storing fabric and art supplies.
Stack together for Clothes Storage.
Stack together and paint teh insides each a different color, for a unique display shelf.
Stack together for Pantry Storage.
Use outside to hold kid's outdoor toys.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Vintage Christmas Gifts Rainbow of Colors

Vintage Time teacher from Vintage Jane
From Etsy shop @VintageJane comes this vintage time teacher rainbow of colors $29

Top Vintage Picks for Christmas!

Have yourself a vintage Merry Christmas! Buying vintage items or antique looking items was never easier with this gift guide! We've decided to show you a rainbow of Vintage Gifts that are on the top of people's lists!

Above: Vintage Toys for Girls and Boys! Adults love having vintage toys around they may have had when they were younger or for a centerpiece in a vintage home.

red vintage clock
Red Vintage Clock $30 at Grannysbox

Above - Red: 
Red vintage clock is working mechanical alarm clock from half way across the world, for $30 a good bargain, design by Jantar.

Below - Orange: 
This wonderful book collection by Julie's Store on Etsy makes for a great decor display or focal piece in your home.  Decorate with color and flair!

Orange Books
Orange Book Lot $24.99 from Julies Store on Etsy.

Yellow Pyrex Mixing Bowl Set
Yellow Bowls for the Kitchen at GrammysGoodys $90

Yellow - Above: 
Yellow can brighten up any kitchen, these yellow Pyrex mixing bowls are hard to find in a complete set for $90. Grammys Goodys has these and a bunch of other great retro kitchen items!

Ugly Christmas Sweater
Remember the ugly Christmas sweaters? Now you can look retro tized in this one by Tabors Treasures!

Green - Above:  This crazy ugly green Christmas sweater is just what you need to show your silly side!  Price: $39 size: small medium at Tabors Treasures on Etsy. They have lots of retro ugly sweaters ugly and crazy for your needs! This vintage style bow makes this our favorite out of all the ugly Christmas sweaters we've seen.  Some are politically hilarious and good for the holiday season.

Turquoise- Below:

DeMiCasaCreations makes a lot of products using reclaimed wood, from benches to antique looking artifacts for your home, we love this blue bench!

Blue Bench made from Ford Truck
Ford Reclaimed Bench $399 From DeMiCasaCreations

Purple -Below : 

Nothing says purple like rich deep rubies , this ring from KK Vintage is simply stunning set in Gold and purple stones, this ruby ring below was made in the 40's and is a royal combination of diamonds and rubies. Cost: British Pounds $399 which is about $593.95 USD.

Ruby Ring from KK Vintage

Black - Below:
Nothing says man cave like these retro style decals! Peel and stick muscle cars, antique bikes , trains, planes or motorcycles on your wall and give a new look to a man cave room. Hundreds of designs in stock at Decal Trend on Etsy!

Muscle Car Decal Trend

Muscle Car Decal $17.99 at Decal Trend

Have a happy holiday season from all of us at Vintage Chalet!