Saturday, July 9, 2016

Vintage Metal Modern Decor MeshuMaSH on Etsy

MeshuMaSH Rusty Horseshoes
MeshuMaSH   on Etsy has these horseshoes for $28, set of three. 

Metal Antiques and Objects d' Art

Using rustic antiques in your home or pieces of metal to "shine" up a space can change the whole look of it.  MeshuMaSH on Etsy features all kinds of vintage antiques and handmade decor.  You'll find everything from handmade jewelry and Boho clothing, to the rusty and forgotten relics you just don't see every day!

Modern Floor Vase

Modern Metal Pewter Floor Vase, $72 here

The floor vase (above) shows just the right amount of shabby to use in a modern home, or a country cottage.  Add some lilies or pussy willows for a dramatic effect, or daisies and wild flowers for a playful cottage look.   Below is one of the rare watering cans that would make neat decor in your garden area or dining room.  You can't find them often in this condition, and this object d' art is priced well, with reasonable EMS shipping, as the shop is from Carmiel, Israel.  Run by Irit Avraham, who lovest to find interesting things at the markets and offers them on Etsy worldwide, with good pricing. 

Antique Metal Watering Can
Antique Metal Watering Can $95 here.

Watering Can
Editors Pick: Watering Can 

The best thing about shopping from another country is the fact you can find unique antiques you won't find here in the states, for instance, (below) enamelware collectors may find that European pieces add a different size and style to their collection!

Enamelware bowl - From Soviet on Etsy


Friday, May 27, 2016

Buffalo Gal Vintage Clothing Housewares Antiques

Vintage Silk Dress at Buffalo Gal Vintage
Vintage Silk Dress at Buffalo Gal Vintage, $75

Featured today, Buffalo Gal Vintage from Etsy.  Among the plethora of collectibles, antiques and kitsch you'll find a nice selection of vintage clothing for men and women from the 1900's through the 1980's.  This vintage clothing ranges from a 1950's cocktail dress to a 1940's rockabilly ranch button up !

Vintage Cowboy Cowgirl Shirt at BuffaloGalVintage
Vintage Cowboy Cowgirl Shirt at BuffaloGalVintage , rare, see it here. 

Originating from Buffalo New York, their women's cocktail dresses, blouses, purses and items are simply pristine.  Shown on model Ari and described in measurements you can get a great idea of how this would fit.  The photos are done in great class and look like they came fresh out of a the latest fashion magazine. it's no wonder Desiree, the owner has had her shop features in publications before. 

Vintage Dress at Buffalo Gal Vintage
Vintage Dress at Buffalo Gal Vintage should be in a magazine.

Above, the blue Brocade dress looks sultry and sexy, priced at $78.99 a real steal. Buffalo Gal Vintage simply put, brings back the past and it's worth a look see. 

Betsey Johnson Vintage Dress, Buffalo Gal Vintage
Editor's Pick : Betsey Johnson Vintage Dress, Buffalo Gal Vintage $65

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

ReCreative85 Vintage Goods Antiques Collectibles

ReCreative85 Vintage Scale
Vintage Industrial Market Scale $78.00 

ReCreative85 has very unique vintage antiques and collectibles on Etsy. Above you'll see this great antique scale, a relic of yesterday! It's a piece of industrial past and has great patina. This looks like it's immortalized in time and has the words "10K" on the side.  

You'll find things in this shop from the 1800's to the 1980's.  Below sits a very functional Le John desk fan from the mid century modern era. This cute little fan is just waiting for it's new forever home.

Vintage Fan Works on Etsy
Vintage Le John Desk Fan is $72.00

Some items are not just physically attractive but can be functional in the home as well. The below item would be a great conversation piece, it's a vintage Ventura typewriter. These styles in this color are sought after.  This one, an Olivetti Underwood Ventura is refurbished and is sold at $208.00.

Vintage Typewriter ReCreative85
Olivetti Ventura Vintage Typewriter at ReCreative85 is $208.00

When I was growing up Polaroid Cameras were the rage, and I would easily waste a ton of film on my dog and friends, waiting for the pop out picture to fully develop. What fun it was, and now these cameras are still a fun addition to your home. 

Polaroid Land Camera
Polaroid Land Camera $64.00 circa 1980's with Autofocus

Planter Clock
Planter Clock : Editor's Pick find it here for $46.00 

Editor's Pick:  Planter Clock 

My absolute favorite in the whole shop is the vintage planter clock. I once saw a similar one growing up, it showed the seasons and when to plant the best crops as used by farmers. This one shows the lunar cycles and has the best fonts.  This is a great working clock and would make a great gift idea for the gardener you know. 

Planter Clock on Etsy ReCreative85
See this and more here on Etsy:ReCreative85

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Lost and Forged Flatware Repurposed

Lost and Forged Flatware Watch
Flatware Repurposed Watch $79 makes for functional and usable item.  Find here.

Lost & Forged

Simply amazing creations are coming out of the Etsy shop LostandForged. The shop owner Douglas Heifetz from Silver Spring Maryland has found a way to use old forgotten flatware, repurposing them into functional items. Here you will find special momentos from jewelry to decor. High quality "forged" craftsmanship is used and care taken to preserve the integrity of every piece. 

Fork Cuff Bracelet Lost and Forged
Cuff Bracelet from Lost and Forged a gorgeous fork to wear forever!  $28

The shop also offers to help preserve your family heirlooms, indicating that you can send them your silverware to have them create an unforgettable piece for you. This is a way to preserve family traditions and something you can pass on.  From fork bracelets, to spoon rings, pendants, necklaces, Judaica items and accessories, you can work on a custom piece with them.  Imagine that, sending in your great grandmother's spoon to create something functionally wearable like this: 

Spoon Ring from Lost and Forged
Spoon Ring created from International Silver Century Royal Rose pattern $35.00

Judaica Bracelet from Vintage Serving Spoon & Eilat Stone,
Judaica Bracelet with Hebrew Bible Verse and Eilat Stone

Creativity comes into play with this Rare Eilat Stone (King Solomon's Mines) is embedded in an antique spoon and makes for gorgeous bracelet with inscription of Ecclesiastes 1:9 .   It has been made from a silver Wallace Silversmiths Violet pattern spoon. The Eilat stone is the national stone of Israel and also called the King Solomon Stone, as it is said his mines were loaded with them. It was originally named for the location of the stone in Eilat , Israel (though now have been found in other countries.)  Metaphysical sites claim this stone induces love, healing and calmness. What a great piece!

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