Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Pretty Poppies Vintage on Etsy Vintage Everything

Vintage Rotary Phone from Pretty Poppies Vintage
Black Rotary Phone , $38.50 on Etsy here. 

As a vintage seller, junkie and collector I think there's one thing that most antique lovers will tell you. They adore other seller's shops.  Pretty Poppies Vintage is one of those shops I adore. Started by Amy over a year ago curated from St. Paul, Minnesota, you never know what you may find! Great prices and must-have item photos just lure you in.  Here are some of my favorite things...

Quilting Trays Metal Lap Trays
Metal Lap Trays: Quilting Trays for Breakfast or Computer....Set $26 here

Editors Pick:  Metal Quilt Lap Trays above are a Great gift idea for the Quilting Queen in your life, these metal trays can hold your book, drink, laptop, or crafting supplies not to mention breakfast or lunch!  Love them and in my travels I have never quite seen anything like this pattern before!

Vintage Washing Machine Part Great Decor Idea
Vintage Washing Machine Part Great Decor Idea $62 here

A sold-by-Sears gadget looks like a giant plunger but was made for agitating your washing machine back in the turn of the century. Would make for great conversation piece in a rustic or cottage home.

Shabby Cat for salt at Pretty Poppies Vintage
Cute shelf kitty, $7.00 here.

This shop has everything from shabby to cute, antique to chic, boho to retro, and a wide selection will keep customers coming back to check new offerings.  I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite things and that you will check our Pretty Poppies Vintage for more great finds!

Canoe Canoeing Keychain on Etsy
Canoe Lovers Keychain , $7.00 here.

Find more at PrettyPoppiesVintage.etsy.com

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Thriftwood Vintage Decor Clothing BoHo Finds

Rings and Things Brass Box from Etsy Shop ThriftWood vintage

Thiftwood Vintage Etsy shop offers home decor, collectibles, antiques and vintage clothing.  Unique, hippie and one of a kind items are found here.  Shop owner Emily has an eye for the vibrant and the different.  Above, an adorable brass trinket box makes for cute storage of jewelry, priced at $16.  Below, a very that 70's era pillow shows someone's handmade craftiness of years gone by.  For $19 this is sure to please.

Hippie Pillow from Thirftwood Vintage
This pillow is vibrant and sure must have been a lot of work!  Find it here.

The shop is owned and curated by Emily from Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. This is a small beautiful village near the coast which has been dubbed the Seafood Capital of the state.   Emily describes herself as a treasure hunter, who loved to go antiquing with her mom as a young girl.  Below, a 90's style Galaxy dress is still wearable and glam today, priced at only $24 would make a great gift for yourself or someone else.

Glam Vintage Dress $24 at Thriftwood Vintage Size 6
Glam Vintage Dress $24 at Thriftwood Vintage Size 6 Nab it up here.

Emily explains, "Carefully curated with all things vintage, thrifted and kitschy and deliciously boho, Thriftwood is the place to go when looking for a weirdly cool pair of earrings, a statement piece....., or flowing frock to wear on Friday's date night........."     We would have to agree you can find just about anything here, spoil yourself and look around!  Prices are great in our book and you can find and ship that great gift idea for under $30!

Vintage ColorBlock Dress Thriftwood Vintage
Vintage Colorblock Dress screams Saved By the Bell! Nab it here for $20

Source:  Thriftwood Vintage on Etsy 

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Antiquities Antique Sterling Jewelry CLLEWISLLC

Sterling Purse Jewelry Antique by CLLEWISLLC
Sterling Purse Jewelry Antique by CLLEWISLLC

Antiquities and Antique Jewelry 

Rare jewelry and antique pieces can be had at CLLEWIS, LLC located in Frenchtown, New Jersey and dealing to USA and abroad clientele. Shipping rates are inexpensive and pieces are plentiful. 

Ran by shop owner Colton Liebros, s the shop features rare and unusual pieces that you don't often see.  Jewelry collectors can find something here within this shop, as well as lots of sterling and rarities with over 2000 items in stock and counting.  

Native American 1910's Bracelet at CLLEWISLLC
Native American 1910's Bracelet at CLLEWISLLC

Wearable Artifacts

Early Navajo and Southwestern jewelry in pristine condition make for wearable art statements.   We found the one above for $89.99, ad well as a 1910's Southwestern beaded bracelet for $69.99. 
930's Art Nouveau Engraved Teardrop Charm - Jeweler's Finding / CLLEWISLLC
1930's Art Nouveau Engraved Teardrop Charm - Jeweler's Finding  here

Jewelry Makers  & Lovers 

Makers can relish in their findings section and pick up rare and antique pieces, cabochons, stones or pendants and create their own works of art. 


Editor's Pick :  Belt Ring, $39.99 Southwestern find it here.

Although we're a huge fan of the sterling jewelry, and ultimately our editor's pick is a size nine belt ring with, the shop bosts over 445 books in stock, vintage and interesting works of paper definately worth a look see!

Vintage Books at CLLEWISLLC
Books, search them here

Find out more: CLLEWISLLC

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Vintage Metal Modern Decor MeshuMaSH on Etsy

MeshuMaSH Rusty Horseshoes
MeshuMaSH   on Etsy has these horseshoes for $28, set of three. 

Metal Antiques and Objects d' Art

Using rustic antiques in your home or pieces of metal to "shine" up a space can change the whole look of it.  MeshuMaSH on Etsy features all kinds of vintage antiques and handmade decor.  You'll find everything from handmade jewelry and Boho clothing, to the rusty and forgotten relics you just don't see every day!

Modern Floor Vase

Modern Metal Pewter Floor Vase, $72 here

The floor vase (above) shows just the right amount of shabby to use in a modern home, or a country cottage.  Add some lilies or pussy willows for a dramatic effect, or daisies and wild flowers for a playful cottage look.   Below is one of the rare watering cans that would make neat decor in your garden area or dining room.  You can't find them often in this condition, and this object d' art is priced well, with reasonable EMS shipping, as the shop is from Carmiel, Israel.  Run by Irit Avraham, who lovest to find interesting things at the markets and offers them on Etsy worldwide, with good pricing. 

Antique Metal Watering Can
Antique Metal Watering Can $95 here.

Watering Can
Editors Pick: Watering Can 

The best thing about shopping from another country is the fact you can find unique antiques you won't find here in the states, for instance, (below) enamelware collectors may find that European pieces add a different size and style to their collection!

Enamelware bowl - From Soviet on Etsy