Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pyrex Mania

These rare finds offered by Antiqueish on Etsy!
I love Pyrex. It's been around so long you can pretty much choose your style. If you like the bright mod colors of the 1950's, go primary palette. If you are a 70's child, go olive or mustard flower power. If you like the country look, try the Pfaltzgraf Folk-Artsy style or the Butterprint blues. No matter what, there's Pyrex in all of us.

According toWikipedia, Pyrex is the brand of glassware introduced by Corning in 1915.  Produced in the United States (Pennsylvania) and France, vintage or discontinued items are highly collectible. (Not to mention very colorful, as there was a huge color palette.)
Pyrex Lab Glass, a steal at only $10, from 672Miles on Etsy.

Aside from baking dishes/casseroles and mixing bowls you can find complete dinnerware sets, lots of coffee mugs, and labatory equipment--all highly collectible.  I am quite surprised that you don't see more dinnerware sets.  Pyrex to most means baking....perhaps that's what the public adored more. Corning however, was smart, they stopped the Pyrex heavy milk glass dinnerware and started focusing more on Corelle. I suppose it's safe to say that was one of their best decisions yet.

Fizzled out Pyrex dinnerware sets, pre-Corelle. This set at Needfuls by Nella.

What no one really thinks about, is that the glass composition known as Pyrex can be traced back earlier than 1915 to chemists such as Otto Schott of famous Schott Glass. Although it wasn't called Pyrex, it was indeed the composition of.  Hence, one could say that Pyrex actually has German roots....

Schott Mainz Jena Glas pitcher, the GERMAN Pyrex composition glass at RetroChalet on Etsy.

Corning however had the market cornered as of 1915 and was very intelligent to do so. World Kitchen is still producing it today!  From their official website: "World Kitchen, LLC and its affiliates manufacture and market bakeware, dinnerware, kitchen and household tools, rangetop cookware and cutlery products sold under well-known and trusted brands including CorningWare®, Pyrex®, Corelle®....World Kitchen employs approximately 2,300 people, and has major manufacturing and distribution operations in the United States, Canada, and Asia-Pacific regions."  Not to mention you can find outlet stores having great priced bakeware from Australia to the States. As for older history,
read it here.

Enjoy these lovely finds!

'Pyrex Mania' by RetroChalet

Some of my favorite finds from Etsy!

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  1. This is GREAT! Thanks for this info! I especially LOVE that photo of the huge collection.

  2. Fantastic collection of vintage Pyrex! Thanks for including our bowls!

    Kate and Calvin

  3. Yeah, the huge collection is incredible! Thanks so much for including our set of blue barcode Pyrex!

  4. How wonderful!! I have many pieces that I use cuz I can't part with them!! :)

  5. Thanks for featuring my lab bottle. I love Pyrex.