Friday, April 29, 2011

Vintage Sewing Collectibles : Patterns, Needles, Tape, Thimbles, and Dress Forms

This one, $10, from OpalsOwlVintage!
Here is more of my favorite Etsy sewing collectibles. I'm big into vintage ephemera, and you don't have to sew to appreciate fine graphics and good artwork.  Old needle books and sewing patterns have the best graphics! 

Old Needle Books contain the best graphics. Frame them or use them in art projects such as collage or scrapbooking. $10.50/both TheVintagePineapple
This pattern is $16.95 from SloCrafty, the dresses are fab. You can obtain patterns on average from $5 to $20 on Etsy.  If you don't use them in sewing, use the graphics in art or frame them, and use the inside templates for something cool and fun....
I made pendants out of some using dress patterns and poker chips.  

Sewing tape and old thimbles are both lovely and fun. You can use tape as a ruler or for repurposing old old picture frames, or for use in collage or artwork. There's some really fab plastic measuring tapes in bright reds, whites and blues, but my favorite tends to be the shabby old cloth kind! Thimbles are cute and adorable, and perfect for a mini collection in a small curio!
This only $4 from HarvestQueenVintage!
Start a mini-collection, thimbles all 7 for $10 at EndlessC!

Old dress forms serve as functional pieces, or decorative accessories to the home. You can use them for display, or for dressing up for the holidays. I used one for a coat rack for some time. You can find them in all shapes, sizes, and conditions on Etsy. Fixer uppers can be had at a fraction of the cost, but expect to pay more for near mint examples.
Needs some TLC, $75 RetroChalet
FrenchByDesign offers this lovely form for $255 near mint!

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