Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Glove Mold Blowout Sale Ends 9/30

The glove mold blowout sale at Retro Chalet on Etsy for $22 on select styles is ending September 30th, 2011. Nothing like the present to order a piece of industrial history or stock up on them for Christmas gifts.  Glove molds are both useful in display of jewelry, and downright addicting in design decor.

Photo Credit: Everything Etsy talked about Retro Chalet's glove molds here
Treasure Trunk Designs uses the molds for her necklaces.
And her bracelets!

ThreeOldKeys uses them in her displays too!
Most of the straight hand molds on sale were made by General Porcelain in Trenton, NJ and made during the 1980's. The seller's husband "bought out a factory's used glove molds" and "was using them in catering on wedding tables" until the guests were stealing them so much they decided to stop using them.  Due to the relocation of the catering business, they had to downsize and clean out the container, halfing their glove mold stock in half.  Their loss, your gain.
Credit: Ira Mency

No worries, I'm sure if you miss getting one on sale price you'll be sure to find them listed in RetroChalet at regular price down the road. Even at $32-$38 they are a real cool item for the home.

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