Monday, November 7, 2011

BeeJayKay : Great Vintage Shop on Etsy

Lovely Scandinavian Santa, $18 in Holidays Section of Bee Jay Kay!
I recently had time to talk to Beverly about her BeeJayKay shop on Etsy. She also runs another shop, BJSupplies. Here's what she had to say. 

Vintage Chalet:  Tell us more about you......

Beverly:  I am primarily an artist and am represented by David Weinberg Gallery in Chicago. I have a modern mid-century home filled with eclectic finds from antique malls, flea markets and garage sales as well as fine art that I have swapped for with other artists.

Handmade doll chair, $34 here on Etsy.
Vintage Spice Rack, $35, so adorable in her shop!
Vintage Chalet: When did you decide it was time to start selling?

Beverly: I have been an obsessed collector for as long as I can remember. When my home was filled to the brim and every wall was covered, I started swapping items out with my latest collectible find. The basement started to fill up and I realized something needed to be done.

Very rare mermaid flower flog, $250.

Vintage Chalet:  So why Etsy?

Beverly:  A friend pointed me to Etsy and I fell in love with all of the gorgeous and well-photographed items there. I knew I had to open a shop and I did so in 2008. It has been such a fun experience and I have learned so many things from the wonderful sellers there. Now I can collect to my heart’s content and still keep my basement semi-free of clutter. ♥

Connect with Beverly: 

BeeJayKay shop full of Vintage on Etsy.  

Supply Shop is BJSupplies

Her hubby's shop Total Reclaim  is here. 

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