Saturday, January 7, 2012

Vixen Vintage Viva La Fashionista Diva

Move over Dita Von Teese, (yes I love you, you are the queen diva, but still)...

..I just adore this Fashionista ..........Viva La Solanah.... the best thing out of Washington State (besides Pearl Jam and damn good coffee, but who's counting?) Just like we have the real Hollywood Housewives exposed, we now have the real Vixen-of-Vintage.  Ahhh, yes, I truly adore her VixenVintage blog and her take on glamorous retro fashion.

She is just so darn cute and full of vintage spunk. Such a young soul with a deep and growing appreciation of all-things-vintage-fashion. For she makes that which is old now new again and oh so hip and desirable! Her followers watch her every step and want to dress like her, she makes vintage fashion so cool.  I think she has a Marilynesque power about her that if she donned a potato sack others would follow.  She even gives away her top secrets on showing people how to make her 1940's hairdo's . ( She takes it a step further with real rag curls here!)

Perhaps the best thing about her is she is so au naturale. You can't duplicate that with any Hollywood fashion model or paid performer. No nipping and tucking and Hollywood botoxing here.... sure one may argue Solanah is young but she's also REAL. So happy doing what she does. Wearing clothes she loves!  Therefore her photos come out so darn beautiful and radiate normality! Her natural beauty captured in every shot. Perhaps that's why we can't get enough of her!


Her website is full of curiosities and untold stories of the past that one can explore via her photographs. I reminisce of how it would have been to live back in the day...oh so lovely. Is this what my now-passed grandmother once looked like in her hey-dey? Born in the 1920's she told me just how fun her life was from the 1940's to 1950's. A time when women radiated such natural beauty as the sun.... mixed with a certain class and sophistication when dressing.  They had a reason for getting out of bed and doing their hair, and having their lipstick just right....looking their Sunday best every day of the week....what happened to us?  I'm here in my favorite fuzzy pajamas with hair undone and makeup missing.  Sign, I'm so glad she keeps the dream alive. ♥

All photos found on Pinterest courtesy of VixenVintage Blog. 
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