Friday, February 10, 2012

Tea Party Tea Time Vintage Style Virtual Party Invitation Etsy Love

Bone China tea cup from Bunny Rabbit Vintage.
Tonight it was snowing in Baltimore, and I wanted so badly to go make a cup of tea. You see, here in America I was raised on coffee (sigh), but tea is something I consider a real treat! Unfortunately for me, it is a quick drop-in-cup and micowave deal (or if I have the time, hot water brewed in a pot and dumped in a cup).  Tonight I made Stash English Breakfast Tea and added some mint leaves microwave-style. I imagine the Queen would be very upset with me and send me away to my room to rot.

Oh how I dreamt of and wished as a child I was raised in England or Canada so I'd be more in tune with tea, tea parties, and tea time! The sound of a tea kettle...I feel as though I was robbed by not having that in my daily life. In fact, I'm going to say to heck with missing out as a child, and have a virtual tea party right now. I can and I will! So, you are invited and I hope you'll join me. This is probably what I'd wear to tea time, because I'd want to look the part.
Lovely tea time party dress from LipStickWhiskey

You see, I do believe there is something lovely and romantic about the whole tea-drinking experience. I can't wait to see my tea friends and catch up on old times. A vintage girls day out, only with good tea.  I have arrived at your place, as you are hosting the party. It's warm there. No snow at all.  I see you have set the table oh-so-lovely.  Sigh, just what I had imagined:

Chippendale Rosenthal Tea Set at Antiqfinds.
But where is the tea?  Oh, I see patience is a virtue I am lacking. You are breaking out the vintage secret stash of tea. What is this? Green Tea? English Breakfast? Only the best for this tea party! Suprise me!

 I can only imagine how good the original contents were--shop Pea Pickins $12.
 English it is!  So after the tea bag is sitting in the cup out comes the hot water. Swish, I can hear it pouring. Steeping in the cup I am hoping it finishes quickly, as I am so ready to taste a cup. I'm a bit messy, so I'm going to need a tea bag holder, like a pro tea drinker would, but I am not sure if that's an American thing or how they really did it back then. I would imagine something is needed to put my tea bag on so that it won't mess up your beautiful tablecloth.  Oh no....something in my virtual tea party is going incredibly wrong, I am imagining them as tiny cows (probably since my husband is some famous bbq guy,  hint of reality is interfering with my ability to imagine a dainty tea holder. Oh no! Cows!)

Sally's Serendipity is selling tea bag holders that are cows.
As we start to cackle and laugh and discuss how your week was, how the tea bag holders are cows,  how are the kids, the pets, the dog, and hubby....I notice that my tea's a bit strong so I would like a cube of sugar. "One lump please..."
Polly Go Lightly has just the tool for sugar lumps...for sale in her Etsy shop!
Much better. No cream today thank you. I am being filled with the aroma of scumptious smelling tea, and good company.  So what were we discussing? Oh yes...tell me about that book you've been reading......We are now surrounded by the dainty cups, and people serving us crisps with our tea.  Did I mention I loved what you are wearing?  You look divine!  
Party dresses and more vintage clothing at gogovintage!
I know, I know, the red dress is a bit over the top but I imagined you Marilynesque in our vintage tea party.  Now that you've shown off your dress and danced around so gracefully, you seem to have dropped your purse.
Lucite Purse at mllevintage!
Mad Hatters Party get it at Vintage Leather Artist on Etsy

Truth be told I must be going, as reality calls. If more truth be told it may be that I envy you--for you may not have had to have a virtual tea party, but actually experienced morning tea, afternoon tea, and tea time.Have you? If so I would really love to hear all about it.  It was nice meeting you. Goodbye.

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