Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winner Finally For the Sweet Love of YouTube

Lesson #1: Do not film a video on your smart phone and expect it to load to Youtube quickly. I mean I had to wait

 F O R E V E R

First of all  THANK YOU all so much for entering my contest for the Italian Music Box. I had so many entries that I was in shock. My handwriting worsened as I went along! I may have had some dyxlexia going on in there too I was so tired of writing names, although I received 360plussomething entries some people had multiple entries! So the count was near or over 400 that's a lot of names!
I used old paper and wrote all the names down. Holy Moses that's a lot of names!

I cut them all up into pieces and dumped them into a bowl.
I think I got sloppier with the names as the sheets went on!

Then I tried to film myself drawing it but that is really hard to do! I will be sending an email to the winner shortly, but you saw it here first! ATTN LOSERS: You still be a winner. Watch the video and learn something and do stay tuned as I will be doing a giveaway for a glove mold real soon.
I am contacting the winner right now to send you your music box!

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