Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vintage Clothing Time: Meet Vagabondia Vintage

vintage doll case
$45 so cute Raggedy Ann and Andy Tote
Brace yourself for vintage clothing galore.  I don't know what I love more, the styles and selection that Vagabondia Vintage selects, or the way their photos are so fun!  Check this one out, this old Raggedy Ann and Andy doll case has been giving new life. What a great way to repurpose old doll cases, into functional and fabulous handbags. Can you imagine donning this number and walking up the street in your Sunday best? I just love it!

Polka Dot Mini Dress Pix
Such a cute dress! $32 teal polka dot mini!

This is the workings of sylvia Karcz who is always on the hunt for some super fabulous vintage clothing in her Etsy shop! This 1980's teal dress says, fun, frolic, and must have! Now I want to mention that some vintage clothing shops focus on one era or speciality, but not VagabondiaVintage, they have everything from 1980's to 1890's victorian!  That's right, I was in shock to see this:

Victorian Blouse for sale pic
Victorian Bodice/Blouse $110 super cool!
I've seen Victorian ads but not really seen a lot of Victorian blouses in such ornate and lovely condition. Where does she find these things?  If you are into vintage skirts, vintage shirts, vintage clothing, vintage pants, vintage blouses, vintage dresses, this is the place to go.

Check them out today!
VagabondiaVintage website or on Etsy!

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