Saturday, August 25, 2012

Locapoxie Vintage Clothing on Etsy

Vintage RainCoat
For summer rainstorms why not get this cool vintage 70's teal A-Line Raincoat, $27.00 on Etsy.
Etsy shop Locapoxie Vintage offers these great finds! Specializing in modern vintage clothing and super cool accessories to go with your new fab outfit, you never know what you will find here.

Vintage Hawaiian Blouse on Etsy
Vintage Hawaiian Breezy Blouse on Etsy $14.00
Shop owner Lara from Asheville, NC explains her love for vintage, "My love of vintage started as a child. My grandma always took me to thrift stores when I was little and would let me pick out whatever I wanted. My mom likes to remind me that I would change five times a day when I was around the house, switching from leggings and a t-shirt to a gold lame cape to a Victorian silk gown (five times too big for me, of course)."

Vintage Mini Dress on Etsy
Vintage 70's Mini Dress on Etsy, $32.00

Lara continues, "This vintage obsession continued through my teen years as I was determined to be different from all the other kids. No better way to stand out than to wear something no one else had! In college, my roommate (and quickly best friend) had that same zest for thrifting. We loved trading clothes and having dress-up parties in our apartment."

Vintage Purse on Etsy
Super cool metallic gold vintage purse, $30 on Etsy.
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