Thursday, September 23, 2021

Turner Art Prints Glam Wall Decor from the 40's

My most recent podcast included tips and tricks on the The Turner Manufacturing Company made all kinds of housewares in the thirty plus years they were in business.  Many designs go unnoticed in thrift stores or second hand shops, even the local flea.  They were mass producing wall decor for the home such as wooden shelves, mirrors, and lithographs / art prints. The early designs of the 1940's depicted lovely French looking Victorian ladies in mademoiselle like dresses.  You'll find muted colors and even lots of fowl, flamingos, and birds in addition to greys, pinks, and cool hues that are pleasing on the eyes. 

Turner Art Prints
This one from the RetroChalet Etsy shop.

Turner Art Prints have a Victorian feel to them and all are signed Turner at the lower right. But, sometimes this may be difficult to find if the owner had moved or rematted into a new frame.  Ultra rare are the turner designs on mirrors. My friend has one that is giant, 3'x5' with flamingos. I assume it's pricesless and has been hanging in his home for years.  Happy Collecting!

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