Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Collecting Records and Vinyl LPs

When you think of old records, you think of something defunt and out of style, but are they? Many companies are still making vinyl records today!  With new record players made to look old and fully functional , I almost did a 360 owl head turn when I found them in Walmart .  I thought, is that a record player or something else made to look like a record player?  But it was, made new to play LPs!  So it seems people are certainly still looking for vintage LPS to play on their (vintage) or new players.  Unfortunately there was a period of time where they ended up melted down for crafts (purses or popcorn bowls or clocks) or donated to the Goodwill or landfill.  This happened during the birth of CD's. 

Suffice to say I really had no idea on how to start collecting or what type of value is held in old LPs? 

I had a lot of quesitons such as : 

Should you buy a record just for the cover? 

Will anyone buy mass produced records? 

How do you know if the records are still valuable when they were produced in the millions however most of them ended up in the landfill? 

Thankfully all these questions were answered on the vintage collecting records podcast with ex DJ Eddie G !

Old records on ETsy:
Many people are offering vintage vinyl on Etsy.  This shop outpostrecordshop (pic)  has a ton of stock on hand!

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