Sunday, March 27, 2011

Welcome Coveted Vintage on Etsy : Home of the Eight Dollar Vintage Skirt and Timeless Retro Clothing

This timeless shop , Coveted Vintage, won my contest for blog redesign as listed on my personal blog, and gets free ad space here on Vintage Chalet.  This shop reminds me of Hollywood.  Classy , stylish clothing at affordable prices--and all vintage, what's not to love?

The photographs of her products are enough to make you want to visit this shop, this looks like a shot out of a movie,with the city skyline in the back. She has a blog too, that explains all about her love for vintage clothing.  I especially love this post about men, (sorry guys.)

Did I mention this shop features vintage skirts for $8?  What a bargain, several are in stock and anyone who wears skirts will find some great items here.  This skirt could be worn dressed up or down, and has a timeless era about it.    Be sure to check it out....


  1. loving the pink and white polka dot dress!


  2. These are lovely, thank you for posting! :)