Friday, April 1, 2011

Love Me Some 80's Heels Beverly Feldman Vintage Style Shoes on Etsy

I saw these in a treasury by ReinVintageArts, ironically, the treasury was on Rainbows.  These lovelies are Size 7 1/2 , according to seller, Vintage 80s Beverly Feldman Rainbow Heels, That's a size (37.5) for you Euro sizes out there.  These are being offered by Twin Hearts Vintage out of NY City.  Not to mention they have an ultra cool shop so check it out.

Here's the thing, you have to love these shoes if you lived through the 1980's. For me, they bring back a time in my life when people (like yours truly) wore these crazy loud colors, and it was the style. The 80's were limitless in brights and neons. I remember having a black sweater dress with crazy sequined flowers all over it in rainbow colors. Clothing stores were full of neon oranges, pinks, and lime greens.  Everyone looked like a crossing guard and didn't mind.  Looking back of course I cringe at some of the things I wore, but I bet in a few more decades it will all be back in style again.

Hubby would really like me to wear these shoes. Too bad they aren't in my size.
In the meantime ladies, if any of you met (or dated your husbands in the 1980's) then perhaps these shoes would do the trick for date night. Bringing back the memories of jelly bracelets, Madonna, Duran Duran, the launch of the PC (darn that little blinking box!)  the height of Arcade Games, and crazy silly old times.

Did you know? Beverly Feldman's shoes range new around $225.00 price point, she's been designing them for over 40 years. Her styles have been worn in Sex and the City, and on the Tyra Banks show. She has her own shoe museum  (See the display here it's awesome) of which she's collected to inspire her creations. You can still see her use of vibrant colors like these today, and be certain your feet will look lovely in any of her shoes as most have adornments on the toes. She's very down to earth and has a video you can watch if you  visit Beverly's Website to see her latest creations. (I am in love with her wedges!) The shoes above are a steal on Etsy, so get them while you can!


  1. If you collect any on the "Just the Right" shoe nic nac some are signed by Beverly Feldman.

  2. I remember in the 80's when my favorite colors were hot neon pink and purple. Those were the days!