Friday, April 8, 2011

Anyone Born in the 1960's ? Vintage Etsy Finds

RetroChalet's So Very Sixties Tables
I wasn't born in the 1960's but those who were may think these are some of the coolest vintage things on Etsy right now! What a cool gift idea for those who were!

So cute, at MontclairMade!

MontclairMade brings you these upcycled vintage linen calendars into pencil, artist, or makeup cases! How cute! I think this could function as a purse also!  If it was my year, I would have no qualms carrying this bad boy around as a small purse!
A VERY VERA Scarf from RetroBabs!
The  ascals 1960's LP has been upcycled into a cool notebook just $7.95 at BetheAbsurd! 

This rare 1965 Supremes Record has been turned into a functional popcorn bowl by ColeraineCreations!

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  1. Ooooooo thanks so much for featuring our scarf. Those bags are a great use of those calendar towels! Love them.
    As for the Supremes album-remember singing in the basement with your hairbrush as your microphone and fighting with your sister over who would be Diana Ross? Stop in the name of Love!