Monday, April 25, 2011

Vintage Sewing Collectibles: Machines, Bobbins, Spools, and Buttons (Part 1 of 2)

Sewing Case, by Vendange, $32.50
In this two part series, you'll see all my Etsy favorites and hopefully get some new decorating ideas also!I hate to admit I can't sew, but I love vintage sewing collectibles. Vintage sewing machines look so industrial and work as great display pieces in your retro home.  Some machines still work , others, will serve as functional display.  
This Singer "SPHINX" is one of the most decorated machine's I've ever seen, $395 at GeorgiesWarehouse.
Gorgeous old machine makes a great conversation piece, sold  by claireferrante of Little Dog Vintage.
Sewing Machine Drawers are pretty and functional, this pair only $27.95 from oldohiofarmfinds!

Bobbins are one of my favorite things. With or without string. The old wooden textile bobbins are so industrial and shabby, they look lovely in small collections.  With thread can be so lovely and colorful, they look great in a basket.  I use the string to tie up my packages, then save the wood bobbins when I'm finished.
Vintage Bobbins so industrial ! Set of 3, MiaLucci, $19
These, $9, look great laying in a basket, from OldBoldReadyToBeSold.
I've got to tell you, this vintage Star sewing spool store display cabinet has to be one of my all time favorite pieces. If I did sew, I'd have this sitting in my studio housing all my spools.  The best part is, imagining just how and when it sat on the counter of the local hardware or dime store selling spools in the past!

I love this! Back when these spools only cost 10cents each, comes this rare vintage Star Spool Cabinet $155, twentytimesi

There are others who see the beauty in such sewing collectibles - such as spools. Buy them to use the string, or just check out some of these art prints as "spools" being the subject! These two are among my faves. You should really visit the one below and ZOOM to see all the cool writing on the old wooden spools.  It's amazing it itself!
TheOldPaperShop sells this fine 5x7 art print for only $10, this is just amazing and would look great framed on the wall!

jmbarclay offers this great art print for only $11
Vintage and modern threads are available in all sizes, shapes and colors. You can find threads for that special product cheap here at Etsy, or buy a whole collection of spooled thread for cheap--then later reuse the wooden spools in an arts or crafts project!

One Dozen Wooden Spools from Regina'sStudio only $12.95
Buttons, buttons, and more buttons!  Vintage carded buttons can be had from $1-$8 on average, great for that special project or to match buttons you have existing on your garment.
These buttons from Primrose, blue (above) $3, Orange large bakelite (below) $7.50.

Lot of 100 Buttons, $5 from Penorus

Fun Decorating Tip:  Rick Rack glue gunned to the Edge of craft shelving looks lovely!

13 packs Bias and Rick Rack  for $15 from AuntNonniesNest!


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