Sunday, January 31, 2016

Vintage Apple Crates Wooden Storage Organization

Crate table by the Crate People
Etsy shop "The Crate People" have tons of old crates made into furniture, this is $355.

Crates, crates, crates!  I just downsized into a country home from a giant 4BR, which led me onto a hunt for packing and stacking systems, and I thought of old crates. That led me to looking for some new ways to store and stack items in an efficient way, and house some craft supplies.   Most of the crates I was drawn to were apple crates, perhaps since blueberry, limes, and other fruit citrus crates are much smaller.

The Crate People
The Crate People sell crates with old label still in tact, they choose, $38 and you call for shipping charges. 

Vintage Apple Crate from Etsy Canelly - one pc shipped to USA under $40
Cannelly has these Canadian Apple crates about $20 each, shipped to US total under $40.

Vintage apple crates with lids or wooden boxes with hinges added over time make for good supply storage boxes. You can put a lot in there, and use them as dual purpose for end tables or under decor extra storage. Some crates that do not have spaced wood are also perfect for storing seasonal clothing.  

Apple Crate Storage Bench from Etsy shop Seeing Better Days
$116.69 Seeing Better Days has a great bench from Antique Apple Crate!

Needless to say I found some great ideas using old apple crates.  How very cool that all of these people are implementing vintage crates in their work!
Apple Crate Coffee Table Etsy Shop Old and Built To Last
Old and Built to Last, uses old crates to make a coffee table on Etsy, $150.

If you really want to take it a step further, use a coaster made from an old apple crate on top of the apple crate to set your drink!

Stella Divinia Apple Crate Coaster
Stella Divina Citrus Crate label Coaster
$14.99 Coaster made from old label.

Stella Divina uses old labels such as this citrus label in making coasters from tile. They are backed with cork and average around $14.99. You can find them at 

DIY Projects with Old Crates: 

Line insides with Fabric and use for storing fabric and art supplies.
Stack together for Clothes Storage.
Stack together and paint teh insides each a different color, for a unique display shelf.
Stack together for Pantry Storage.
Use outside to hold kid's outdoor toys.

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