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Uses For Vintage Porcelain Glove Molds Weddings and Decorating Ideas

Kim did this, see more decorating ideas here at Everything Etsy!
I get asked a lot of questions about my porcelain glove molds, what to do with them and how to use them.  So here are some great ideas!  These old glove molds were mainly used in making latex and plastic gloves in factories.  Over time, industrial factories change their machinery or upgrade their mold styles and have no use for the old molds.  The ones that survive make their way into industrial history.  Most of the ones I have came from an old German plant or the now-defunct General Porcelain of Trenton, New Jersey.
Believe it or not, there are lots of sizes of them, (obviously because gloves were made in lots of sizes.)  The largest ones I've personally seen are the size 11's, which were probably used for those giant rubber gloves that electricians use or lobster boat guys to avoid their fingers from being bitten.  A small size would be about a 6.5 and mediums range about 7-8.   This of course is in the glove world.   So what can you use them for?

1.  Jewelry Display:

This is a 6.5, small, but most fingers are still too large to fit a ring all the way on.
I'm here to tell you that most glove molds are going to be too large to fit a ring all the way on, unless you are lucky enough to find the extra smalls (possibly equate to a size 5.)  As you can see, they are simply lovely though for use of display in jewelry in your boudoir in your home.  If you are a crafter who goes to shows, drape a necklace over them or use them for bracelets like so :
TreasureTrunkDesigns offers great jewelry and uses the fab molds from RetroChalet!
Treasure Trunk Designs Cuff bracelet draped on the Retro Chalet Mold.

Tara from Treasure Trunk Designs also suggests if you must put a bracelet on them, do not worry if it appears that your bracelet won't fit down over the hands.  She's found a way to use an extender in the back of the mold so as to display or photograph the bracelet just lovely.  A paper clip works just fine as the "secret extender"!

2.  Weddings:
They can hold your special photos or mementos, but you can apply this idea to a wedding table!

They don't have to be curved hands, you can mix and match a variety of glove molds.   If placed properly a wedding invitation will stand just lovely on one, as shown here, you just weave thru the fingers on straight glove molds.  Or you can put a photo of the happy couple on the front with a small piece of scotch tape on the back holding it to the hand!
Heavy Porcelain Vintage Glove Mold, $32, RetroChalet
Use them on the tables!  The "white, bright, shiny, clean" molds look beautiful draped with a single flower or rose, or decorate with pearls holding faux his and hers wedding rings.  They would make a lovely momento to the bride and groom's family if decorated properly, as a token of love.

3.  Home Decor:
Shabby industrialism never looks bad in the home. These are unglazed vintage old stock by Hall China Co in stock here.

Industrial displays never go out of style. It depends on personal taste, in my home, the shabbier looking the better.  Mostly stained are the ones that are flat and not glazed. They are more pourous and have absorbed years of abuse in factories, a true testament to their history. If you don't like them, paint them like Kim at Everything Etsy did, when I sent her some!
Kim knows how to decorate!  Look how pretty these turned out when she painted them. This was from my giveaway at Everything Etsy!

4.  Garden:
They absolutely look lovely in and around your yard or garden.  Glazed ones will survive forever in your strawberry patch. Unglazed ones can be painted and will endure the elements. 
Kim placed them around her home, see more decorating ideas at Everything Etsy!
I sit them around my yard.  These are in RetroChalet shop.
5.  Halloween Love:
Spook the neighbors!  Courtesy: IraMency
Need I say more? I just recently saw a show where someone was sitting in front of a fireplace and the molds were sitting out for display. If you look closely they are making their ways into homes everywhere!


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