Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Places: Old Orchard Beach, Maine Carousels and Concessions

End of Pier, Ira Mency.

I recently stopped in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, see my post here.  Although the beach was populated, the town still has much of it's original vintage curbside appeal.  There is no boardwalk per se, but instead a large and long pier itself. It is old and vintage looking, extending out over the surf and sand.
Old barnacles on the pier itself show it's age.

The streets leading up to the beach and the pier boast old time concessions buildings.  Prices vary. Some fried dough was priced at $3.74 which was an unbelievable bargain considering you can't get a gallon of gas for that right now in this area. I purchased a lobster roll that set me back about $11, but it was well worth it and probably the best I've ever had.
Old style clam shack on the street leading to the beach.
Old style concessions.

As far as fun for the kids, you will find old style carousel and rides here. Old games are mixed in with the new making the "famiy fun" aspect of it all both nostalgic and beautiful all in one.
Rooster on Carousel.
Bunny on Carousel.
Deer on carousel, but where is the moose?

Old time pig racing game.
 Shops are cute and full of novelties, Old Orchard sweatshirts, sea shells and more.  I parked for $8 within walking distance to the beach. There's lots to do here, it's small enough in comparison to larger cities to love it and large enough to get lost in the crowd.  It's always packed here, even on a Monday. 
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  1. OOB is one of my favorite places! I always like to stop in at Rick's and have fried clams, French fries, and onion rings. OMG, Rick's onion rings are SO good! Thanks for including my sunrise photo! :) :) :)


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