Friday, July 1, 2011

Vintage Clothing on Etsy : A Look at Button Design

Giant abalone buttons make this swing coat scream!  Available at iloveswift.
Vintage buttons are truly little works of art. 
Some are swirly, some are bright, 
but the best buttons make clothing look just right.

honeysuckleandhearts demonstrates that tiny buttons don't detract from the garment.
Nice choice of buttons in this Aline skirt, available at kimvintage.
Plastic buttons by TidBitz

Peachy pearlized buttons make this peachy sweater a must have at EEELYSE

Red buttons make this vintage sailor pea coat POP, available at KateHeartXoXo.
 Would any other button make this bowler hat so adorable? See it at ValerieCade's Lola V!

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