Sunday, June 26, 2011

Old Comic Books and Comics Make for Great Vintage Things

Ad for my shop.
Old comic graphics are fab. I never really paid attention to them so much, until I worked as a Secretary for a Comic Book Distributor. I worked for Steve Geppi, then got hooked, and turned into a 27 year old comic book geek.  I voluntarily wanted to take a transfer from Front Desk into Customer Service, (which most people thought was crazy) to delve more into the Comic World.
Bombus offers this high end comic book plate at $185.
I ended up being the Service Rep distributing to all Northeast - Southern Accounts. Georgia, some Florida, North Carolina--this was my territory.  All of my customers were shop owners. After taking a road trip and visiting some of my stores such as Russ at Capitol Comics of Raleigh,  soon grew my love for North Carolina.   Customer Service was a hard job back then, due to the now-defunct old warehouse always screwing up my customer's orders. Which meant as stores, they didn't have that issue for their customers on the big shipment day. If they were out, customers went to stores that had the "big issue" and so my customers lost business. In the small world of comics, repeatedly getting screwed or shorted on orders, could easily put you out of business.  I think if my customers had been serviced out of a different warehouse, I would have stayed there as long as I could as it was a cool job!
DoodleBugLane offers this from 1973 for only $4.50
I offset my constant frustration of screaming customers with gettin my weekly fix of free comics, toys and gifts which were promotional items send from the manufacturer to the Service Reps.   I received all kinds of cool promo items, which still sit in my attic years over ten years later--one day hoping I have one "holy grail" in those boxes.

Ecoweaver offers this great comic book pendant for only $10.
I am always envious of those with so much talent on Etsy.  EcoWeaver makes art and jewelry from recycled components. What's even more special is how she (Trinity) told me about giving up her famous musical career to take care of her husband who suffered a paralyzing accident.  Her Etsy shop contains comic book pendants among other things--and you can feel good about making purchases to help her as she is now full time care-giver to him and relies on Etsy for supplemental income.  Her comic designs are here, and this one is my favorite:
Aquaman Mera Flipper Comic Book Necklace, $65, Ecoweaver

Set of 3 Archie Book-Style Comics, only $7 at Gingerscraps.

Comic Book Earrings, $32, nises2pieces

How to Draw Comics (Walter Foster) $5.00 from DirtyBirdiesVintage
The majority of old comics people will tell you, "aren't worth the paper they are printed on", due to the fact condition plays a major part in their value.  They can be found still for a quarter at certain flea markets or even in comic shops who are running sales.  What I think is the beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  One wall of my home is lined with old comics as decoration--even though the comics themselves are ratty, they are old and in sleeves and their 12 cent price makes a great conversation piece with visitors.
Kudos to Junksy who has repurposed them into cool picture frames around $14.50 each.

Comic Book Bangle Bracelet by GraphicNovelties, $15
Comic Salvage, for only $18 offers this great ring!
Bombus (again) with cool comic covered notebooks, $29.

Sketchbook $18 from CrabAppleDesign
Bombus's comic book chair ( $540 )made the London Times!