Saturday, October 22, 2011

Canisters and Cookie Jars - Things I Love Today

Cheerful Tin Apple to hold your cookies or coffee, $25 at RetroBabs.
Cookie jars and canisters can make a great vintage addition to your kitchen. There are no decorating rules when using such items. You can mix and match like colors but different styles for an-out-this-world retro look, or buy a whole set of matching if you are lucky enough to do so.  Here are some of my favorite looks from Etsy.

RecycleBuyVintage offers this adorable Elf Head Cookie Jar $36!
Lovely set of pink and black tin canisters, $25.75 from oodles!
Lincoln Beautyware Canister Set, $29 from AttysVintage.
CsVintageShop offers these retro red plastic canisters for $38!
Merry Mushrooms Never Looked Better Cookie Jar $27 from MomoDeluxeVintage


  1. I love cookie jars and cookies. What's your favorite cookie?? I have a passion for Keebler Fudge sticks. GUILTY PLEASURE

  2. I love the apple jar. :) So cute.


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