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Hobart Collectables: Featured Seller Austrailian Vintage Love

This lovely Norton canister at Hobart Collectables $34.50 AU,
Approximately $35.59 USD

Today's featured Etsy shop is Hobart Collectables. Etsy isn't just for US sellers, there's vintage in every country. This wonderfully curated shop by Adam and Sarah comes to you all the way from Tasmania, Australia!  Their unique finds will give buyers all over the world wonderful gift options and ideas. If you are looking for something unique, you can find it here.  Let's learn a bit more about them.

Please introduce yourselves...and tell us more about you!

Kangaroo Fur Purse , something unique for sure!
$8.82 AUD
Approximately $9.10 USD

I'm Adam and I do most of the work in the shop, from choosing the majority of the items to the actual photographs and listing, helped out in certain areas such as jewellery by my partner Sarah, and our two and a bit year old daughter Israel who occasionally allows me to dig through her massive collection of vintage toys and clothes and sell anything she hasn't played with or worn.

I grew up in country New South Wales and Sarah grew up in Tasmania. My dad worked in a factory and was an antique dealer on the side, and Sarah's dad worked in a sewage treatment plant and brought home treasures such as false teeth and rings...
Lovely Bridal Job $12.60 AUD
Approximately $13.00 USD

Wow! Falsies are definitely unique. So how did you two become vintage dealers?
Together we started collecting antique and vintage collectibles about three years ago and quickly filled up our two bedroom apartment to such an extent we had to move to a three bedroom house. Once we filled that and realized we couldn't afford a four bedroom place we opened Hobart Collectibles one boozy Summer evening...

Vintage Pyrex Ramekins $17.92 AUD
Approximately $18.49 USD
Junghans Clock
$55.00 AUD
Approximately $56.74 USD

Since then we have grown to be the largest Etsy based vintage and antique store in Australia and are happy to sell any treasure we come across as long as it passes one basic criteria - we fall in love with it at first sight!

We also happily shop for a number of private collectors, ranging from vintage art glass to tacky souvenirs from New Zealand and give them first dibs on anything we come across.

Fish Coasters,
$8.95 AUD
Approximately $9.23 USD
Congrats on your Etsy success! What can you tell others about your Etsy experience?

Our Etsy experience has been an overwhelming one - it's a lot of work and a constant learning curve. We've found a ton of positive attitudes from team members - we opened the Australian Vintage Team earlier this year and are captain of The Etsy Vintage Wish List, as well as being proud members of a variety of teams including the very selective Etsy Vintage Team - and are always learning new things and giving back our own experiences.

Etsy to us has been an amazing insight into the worldwide collectibles market, and with the recent introduction of Etsy's first official Australian representative we can't wait to see where the future will take us!

Visit their Etsy Shop now!

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