Monday, October 17, 2011

Things I Love Today : Doll Molds

1940's Cast Iron Hand Molds (doll hands) by ParisCoutureAntiques on Etsy
My love for these items are due to their rarity and history. Perhaps it's hard to imagine how something so old, rusty, crusty and seemingly forgotten made such beautiful things at one time. Dolls were and are a huge business, and many of the older molds are copper or cast iron and show their age.  They are indeed a testament of industrial history as we know it.
Vintage Doll Heads on Display by SaffronandGenevieve on Etsy.

Many were found in defunct factories and found their way into the hands of doll collectors who won't part with them for anything--can't say as thought I blame them.  Others were scrapped and recycled only never to have had their stories told due to the fact of being cast of aluminum or copper.
Lovely aluminum doll head mold available at SaffronandGenevieve
If you are lucky enough to find old head molds, expect to pay $100-$500 a piece depending on size, type and condition. Hands are rare and can be $100-$200 each! I haven't ever seen a leg mold, but I haven't looked for one either.
Rubber molded dolls are a testament to what once was....this one from Cool Vintage.

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