Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fiesta Dinnerware Homer Laughlin China Company

These available at VintageFiestaware.com with the original sticker!

I really love Fiesta Dinnerware.  It was made from 1936 to 1973, then reintroduced in 1986.  The vintage colors and items are all very collectible.  The new post 1986 items can be as well.  This is due to some colors and items have been "retired" aka discontinued.
It's just pretty, these Rose cups, a discontinued color now available at Bedouin.

I use Fiesta in my home on a daily basis.  What I love most in baking and cooking in it. My items never stick and it's easy to clean. I can microwave in it or bake in it.  I'm asking Santa for the large rectangular baker and loaf pan this Christmas.
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Colors like Lilac, Sapphire or new Chartreuse were only produced one to two year runs. On top of that certain items like Pyramid Candlesticks and Coffee Carafes were discontinued so these designs no matter what color may end up being worth their weight in cash.  In fact, I just read  that Homer Laughlin China Company announced the following items will be moved to inactive availability AKA Discontinued as of December 31st, 2011.
  • 0448   Carafe w/handle
  • 0490   Bud Vase 6”
  • 0499   Relish/Utility Tray
These available at HisPalette

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  1. What I love most in baking and cooking in it. My items never stick and it's easy to clean.
    Fiesta Dinnerware

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