Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vintage Wrapping Paper Ephemera For Crafts and More

Raggedy Ann wrapping paper $6.95 at Lady Libertine Vintage
Vintage wrapping paper, how did it all survive? Left in the bottom of someone's drawer, or in a box of holiday mayhem just waiting for the right occasion.....then...forgotten forever.  Or was it? Not so, thanks to it showing up in thrift stores, estate sales, scrounged up by the younger generation, who loved that old wrapping paper just as much as if it was brand spankin' new.  Something our grandparents grimaced at we just adore.
9 unused Rolls found totaling 450 feet, $52 at RetroChalet.

Welcome to the creative reuse.  Vintage wrapping paper may be used for wrapping gifts, but over time the paper may become brittle or rip when bending around the corners of the package.  So you may use it for:
  • Mixed Media Work
  • Cut out a small snippet and put it on a package tag
  • Cut out a 4"x4" square and glue to the front of a kraft paper card, give the cards for Christmas!
  • Use to faux-wrap a customer's purchase if you sell antiques before shipping. 
  • Use in gift bags, crumbling it up tissue-paper style.
I just adore the way JenuinePaper used recycled snippets and made this card $4

'Vintage Wrapping Paper Ephemera' by RetroChalet

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Vintage 50s Wrapping Paper

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Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

1 sheet, $4.81 from VintageVic


  1. Ilove vintage wrapping paper! My only problem with it is that I don't want to use it as I feel like I am cutting up childhood memories! I like all your ideas and the eye candy, too!

  2. what a fun, happy blog! i'm a huge fan of vintage gift wrap and have a personal collection that stacks at least a foot tall. (there are four pieces shown here that i would like, if i could swing it right now.) thank you for adding me to your jolly collection!


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