Friday, December 16, 2011

1960s Fashion 1960's Mod Clothing on Etsy sixties style

Oh how I love the 1960's fashions. I really wish I had lived in the 1960's.  Check out these cool Etsy finds!

Allyn Rose Vintage says Dream it and Do it with this mini dress, $52

The greatest things came out of the 1960's....from birth control pills to Muscle Cars. Just imagine, a world without either.  Let's not forget the hype of the troll doll...
ChestersTreasures has a troll for $24 that reminds of us a bygone era.

Mod designs and simplicity were part of the 1960's.  Pop Art dresses were left for the night...

Bad Girl Vintage has a hand painted COUTURE designer dress, $2500!
But the daytime was casual and simple, showing the natural beauty of everyone who wore the designs...

Vintage 1960s SHIRT and SHORTS Set, $34 from Spun Sugar Vintage

Sew your own with this 1960's Simplicity Pattern $5.95 from PatternsFromthePast.

You could be free, you could be cute, you could be you.  Now you could do a simple swept do and still come out looking simple and sexy, how about this stylin'red dress, it's so sassy it says cute but sexy all at once! 

Late 1960's bordering on the 70's  Mod chic dress from Old Age, $58

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