Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Vintage Gift Guide For the Unique Family Members

For the girl who rides horses:

Schleich bendy horse Germany

This vintage bendy horse I love , he's cute and unique, and on sale at Vintage Goodies.  What a cute little trinket to sit on the desk, and to play with when times are slow. 

For the Sporty Guy:


From Selected and Collected!
Nothing says I love you (ouch) like this vintage metal dart board, that comes with real magnet darts! For use to play with or as a decoration in Mr. Sporty guy's house, this will surely big a big retro hit!

For the Car Buff: 
Old Automobile Speedometer, Estate Hound.
This old vintage speedometer is just cool. I guess just sitting it there like this would be cool. You know the kind of guy or gal who are always tinkering around on the old cars or in the garage? I am sure they could find something real cool to do with this piece of industrial history!

For the Retro Girl:

SwirlingOrange11 offers this great retro clock!
Clocks in retro colors and great working condition are getting harder and harder to find. I can just imagine seeing this in my Bestie's retro kitchen.  How lovely!

For Anyone: 
Vintage Glove Molds, find them here!

Surely worth their weight in vintage porcelain, these industrial relics from yesterday prove to be cute additions to the home. Use them for jewelry display, industrial statement statues, or to funkify up a new room. Yes, I said FUNKIFY.  Find a bunch at RetroChalet.

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