Friday, March 23, 2012

Vintage Dresses Indie Fashion YordanCo

YordanCo Ciao Bella Dress! My favorite!
I just found this great new vintage clothing website, YordanCo!  They  sell these lovely  vintage, indie, and romantic style dresses. Soon they will be adding other apparel if they haven't already. I have to say, I'm all for the dresses. This company is out of Miami, Florida, and was created by Rachel Yordan, while still a college student with a passion for style and good taste.   This lovely boutique combines class and romance!

YordanCo has a size guide and hands on customer service.  The boutique has a Marilynesque style to it. Lovely enough that you can pull off today at a social gathering, party or special event on the town.  You have to check out  YordanCo Vintage-Romantic Dresses!  or Connect with YordanCo on Facebook!

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