Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vintage Jewelry on Etsy : DesignzByRuth

Ruth has reclaimed this porcelain pendant and functioned it into a wearable pendant.
Today I stumbled across the DesignzByRuth Etsy shop. Ruth designs some of her own handmade jewelry which often mixed vintage components in it. Her selection of vintage jewelry in itself is amazing. Her shop is all the way in Israel, but shipping to the rest of the world (right now is FREE).  Her items are inexpensive, and unique. 

This would look great around my neck.

I am always curious to see what relics lie in other countries, buried treasure of yesteryear. Ruth has found a lot of  pendants, estate jewelry, and lovely lockets that you just don't see everyday. Unique treasures are hidden here.

What's this? A triple sided floral pendant, how lovely!
This pendant appears is triple sided so no matter how it turns or twists it ends up on a pretty view. I have not seen anything like this. Very unique.  You can find a one of a kind pendant, necklace, or jewelry that would be perfect for that special occasion, like a wedding!

 Lockets are timeless.
I am big on lockets. I had a locket just like thsi when I was little. Mom and I had our pictures in it. Love them. They are timeless, just like Ruth's shop.

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  1. I just visited her website. She has such beautiful jewelry and it's so cheap! I had no idea qualitative vintage jewelry could be so cheap. I even found already a present for my mother's birthday. Thanks!