Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vintage Typewriter Romance Industrial Bliss

My typewriter.
Imagine my surprise when I saw an excerpt a few weeks back on Brandy and Kowalski's vintage typewriters and repair shop in Brooklyn, NY,   I caught my excerpt off the Sunday Morning program. They aren't the only one who loves old typewriters. Truth be told I am so glad they are promoting use of these romantic pieces of industrial bliss.   There's nothing like putting in a sheet of paper and hap-hazardly typing a letter to your partner about how much you love them on one of these old hunks of metal.

Truth is, that could be a problem if you don't have any spell correction ribbon, as most of the older models didn't have spell correction and those who did are probably dried up.   I wish I could afford to have this baby laying around my office, this is a gorgeous Pink Royal typewriter priced at $475.00 on Etsy by JoeVintage.  Truth be told that's not a bad price, it comes with original case and owner's manual and pink is VERY HARD TO FIND.    If you think the one below looks just like the one above, think again, this one is just about PERFECTLY MINT and this retails for $575.00 from JoeVintage on Etsy also.  Sigh, I'm in love.......

No matter how you turn her, she's a beauty.
Now typewriter collectors can really get into some strange territory when you consider the many years of typewriters being made, from the ones that are so heavy hunks of metal that you can't pick up to the kids' toy models made of metal and plastic, that you can't keep up with .  Just when I thought I have seen every possible kiddie typewriter up pops this one:

Strange indeed but to a typewriter collector this would be a cool addition to a collection. This kiddie one is very colorful and available for $164.00 on Etsy at Recy shop. What a rare find! I find that most collectors are opting for either adding the toy typewriters to their toy collectors and their typewriter collections so it's double in demand these days.
As for regular typewriters, this big boy is from the 1940's and available for $350.00 from PoetryofObjects.  Now some may agree that the 50s to the 70s mod colors and designs, the pinks and blues are sought after as are the bright orange, red and yellow modern colors so why would someone buy this giant hunk of metal? Quite simply put, they are becoming extinct. Next time you try to find one, this is all you will have, OUCH!

Art925 offers this cool ring.


Note: If you like my Brother typewriter  there's one exactly like it for sale on Etsy, for $55 at SugarScout!


  1. What's not to love about vintage typewriters? Thanks for featuring our Brother machine and our little Etsy shoppe. We love a good sugarSHOUT! We're off to mention your great blog on our FB page!

  2. So neat! I just added this link to my Facebook page at
    Thanks so much for including my cool kids' typewriter!

  3. Thank you so much for including my typewriter in your post! Vintage typewriters are getting harder and harder to find. It's wonderful to see them getting the attention they deserve. I also saw the Sunday Morning spot. Thanks again!


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