Sunday, April 8, 2012

Vintage Photography: Ana Pontes Deck the Walls

Teacups and Roses  8x12  $21 at AnaPontesPhotography
Perhaps you love antiques but don't want them sitting all over your home and collecting dust. Then why not go for vintage photography as a viable alternative?  I just adore the work of Ana Pontes who has just recently put her work up for sale in the AnaPontesPhotography Etsy shop!

Typewriter and Rose 8x12 $21 by AnaPontesPhotography
 I was just talking about how much I love old typewriters the other day, but this photo is amazing. It would look great in a dining room, living room or office.   She also has a wide selection of floral shots, a lot of roses, natural landscapes and still life shots in her portfolio.

Dolls and Bears, 8x12 $21.00 at AnaPontes Photography
Perhaps my favorite is the vintage dolls and bears.  She has managed to capture the beauty of such old, and it's new again. This would look lovely on the wall, and what's better, your antiques won't get dusty or dirty or broken over time. The most maintenance you have is the occasional dusting of a frame.

Visit AnaPontesPhotography now.

Dani Cremer Etsy picture

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