Saturday, May 12, 2012

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Antiques on Etsy

Original Antique Tabzimt in silver, enamel and coral - Algerian Late 19C, $250

Taking a break from the cottage chic and farmhouse Martha Stewart-y finds on Etsy, I realized the super old and historic lies somewhere within.  Take for instance, Original Antiques on Etsy, who is featuring this gorgeous coral Jewelry from Great Kabylia, Algeria. This "Tabzimt" is an old world brooch, they were very popular in the 18th and 19th century dating back to Celtic times and ancient days.  this from Alergia has a very distinctive style. Intricate patterns are combined with colorful enameled ornaments and coral beads. The bright blue, yellow and green applied in small compartments makes this jewelry appear rich and decorative.  WIht the  sontes and enameling intact, this is a priceless part of history and should be in a museum.
Sterling Cigarette Case
This Sterling Silver Cigarette Case is gorgeous and shows well for it's age. $760
Owner Ramzi Aydi of Amman, Jordan isn't quite sure how old this silver Niello cigarette case is, but based on the primitive etchings and shape of the bird it has to be at least 80+ years old.  It is odd that you find such lovely items preserved so well.
Kurdish Dagger

Silver Authentic Antique Kurdish Jambiya Dagger Mid 19C, $950

Perhaps the highlight of this ship is the Silver Jambiya dagger of the Kurdish people. This is an Authentic Piece from East Turkey, early – mid 19C. Look at the double edged curved blade with a central rib, forged from high contrast Wootz (Watered, Damascus) steel. It has an "I" shaped black horn grip with silver wire wrap. Wood scabbard covered with Islamic design engraved Silver. Total length 15 inches.

To see more craftsmanship of ancestors past, visit Original Antiques on Etsy. Very interesting museum quality finds!


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