Tuesday, May 1, 2012

All Vintage Auctions and Collectibles

Find out more about vintage Coke Collectibles at the AllVintageAuctions.com website!

I scour the web for all kinds of vintage items, antiques, and collectibles. Recently I stumbled across this Vintage Auctions and Collectibles website which I love! It's a cool blog featuring different vintage items or collectibles for sale--which could be anything you can think of! Just today I found industrial antiques to vintage dinnerware. There are some vintage Hummel figurines and even Michael Jackson vintage items (I was shocked to see that one vintage auction for a stuffed monkey had almost 8000 views. I guess vintage monkeys are a hot item!!!) I really like this collectible belt buckle made from an old Pabst blue ribbon can, super cool!

$19.95 on AllVintageAuctions.com , handmade from a real beer can!

When I was looking up the information on vintage coke items, I noticed that Vintage Auctions and Collectibles also gives a lot of good information. Like this article on Collecting Vintage Barbies.

Courtesy: AllVintageAuctions.com

This site featuring Vintage Auctions and Collectibles site doesn't actually sell anything--all the listings are pulled from third party sites like Ebay, etc which makes it cool to find their fresh picks that you may really enjoy. Shopping Ebay anymore can be a real pain as there are so many listings. Here is how they explain it:

"All Vintage Auctions brings together many areas of interest for the Vintage Memorabilia or Antique collector. We have categories from Vintage Guitars, Advertisements, Posters, Cars, Dolls, Pop-Culture, Furniture and more. If your into collecting Vintage and Antique items at auction then this is the place for you . At AllVintageAuctions.com we do not sell ANYTHING. All listings are for live auctions from ebay or third party vendors that we work with to bring you the best selection of Vintage and Antique items available online. Have Fun Shopping!"

This site is getting bookmarked! Check them out!

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