Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vintage Up Your Home Under $75

1960s home decal

You can now retro-fy your home with Decals. Cheaper than buying paint for your wall, why not create your own color scheme and Austin Powers up your home? This is the best new decorating idea since Eames fashions!  Available at Twistmo shop on Etsy, which specializes in decals... a funky design like this only costs $60.00.  Look how it makes a blah wall pop.  You can choose your own color scheme and decals are super easy to apply.  This screams 1960's!!!

Earthy Tones

The late 1960's were full of browns and natural colors, like oranges and creams. Why not choose this Tribal Mandala design for $56 to add a unique decor to your home?


The Polka Dot Blossom decals are only $26, and they remind me of the 1950's. They would look cute in your living room, art studio, or children's room.


Check out all they have to offer at TwistMoDecals on Etsy
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