Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Vintage Necklace Styles at Our World Boutique

vintage style jewelry
These necklaces incorporate a vintage charm to them! This, is the Sweet Pea Necklace.
Our World Boutique just kicked off a whole online store and began filling with product that are made to resemble the vintage and the hippest trends. They will be stocking their store with all kinds of jewelry from camera style pendants to sterling silver infinity rings, but I am particularly in love with their necklaces. Perhaps it is because they take me back to an era of fun and retrofied fashionistas. Available in vintage style colors of white, coral, sea green, and yellow I feel like I'm about to embark on something grand.

The sea green color is my favorite!

Bubble Bib Necklaces, $29.99, here.

These four friends from Utah have been to Peru, Cambodia, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, France, Thailand, England, Honduras, Switzerland, Japan, Italy, Guatemala, and Australia. They've been all over the world to explore components that may influence fashion. They've seen Venetian Lace to Murano Glass, Turkish Scarves to Mayan weaving.....a bit of influence made them start their own fashion boutique online.  Keep an eye on these girls, they are off to start something grand.

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