Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pop Art: Oil Paintings for the Modern Diva

Pop Art Girl Painting on Pinkish Blue
Click here to see this "secret-temptation-pop-art-girl" painting!

A lot of people want the retro mod pop art look . Target or Ikea encourages use of funky pop art furnishings and a few vintage items from Etsy and life was never easier. The big problem people encounter is their wall decor. Obtaining the complete "look" was never easier thanks to Pinkish Blue. One giant painting and your room has been transformed into something mod and funky. I live in their pop art paintings section of their website.

Pop Art Painting
This large pop art painting  is a great deal. Click here to see it.

PinkishBlue sells 100% hand-painted oil paintings online. They ship worldwide. Often they will run a special, such as just recently, an  oil painting sale so it's a great idea to keep up to date on their website.  Pop Art is nto all they have. They also have botanical, people, religious -- you name it, they have it to fit almost any decor.

Volkswagen pop art painting
This by far has to be my favorite painting!

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