Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to Find Best Vintage Jewelry on Etsy

vintage jewelry on Etsy
The Picking Pair finds great vintage jewelry, these only 8 at
How to Find the Best Vintage Jewelry on Etsy 

A quick search on Etsy yields me almost 5 Million jewelry results.  About 3.9 Million are handmade by Etsy's creative artists, and at any given time may top 4 Million.  Many are vintage inspired. Now if you want really vintage or antique jewelry, there are currently as of today almost 550,000 listings. That's half a million at any given time.
Vintage Elgin Watch
$44.99 this is a huge steal at VintageFineJewelry on Etsy
Find Jewelry Sellers and Frequent Their Shop Often

So how does one find great vintage jewelry on Etsy? Quite honestly, you look for a seller who is reasonable and specializes in jewelry.  Some jewelry sellers buy in bulk and are able to sell their jewelry at more-than-fair prices, as their goal it to sell more and make a profit.  It's my opinion that these sellers make it a point when shopping at flea markets, estate sales and thrift shops to look for jewelry as that is what they primarily deal in and are educated in. 
Your chances of finding the rare item you desire is from shops that offer these items.
butterfly brooch vintage
This butterfly brooch is a steal at $14.99 from VintageFineJewelry on Etsy.

Communicate with the Jewelry Shop
It's suggested that you "favorite" these Etsy shops when you find them, and check back often. You can even drop the sellers a convo (Etsy's message center) and explain what it is you are looking for. Perhaps you collect Monet and they pass over it all the time thinking that no one wants Monet. Put in your request and they be able to help you !  You don't know unless you ask. 

Good luck!

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