Friday, November 23, 2012

Kast Concrete Decor Mid Century Modern Industrial Design

Kast Concrete Knobs
Knobs like these are available on Etsy, or on the direct site. All are modern styled and made of recycled concrete.
Mid Century Modern Vintage Inspired 

I am uncertain just how and when Grey Hensey, a designer from Alabama decided to use recycled concrete to make the most ornate and intricate items. Truly when one thinks of concrete, we don't think of dainty little knobs and drawer pulls. Now figure that Grey has found a way to take old concrete and make it into a functional yet mid century modern looking FUNCTIONAL item that you could attach to your desk, kitchen drawer, or assemblage art and this is certainly ingenious. He's already been getting a lot of press about these items.
Kast Concrete Decor
KastConcreteDecor on Etsy offers this little knob for only $8 handcrafted from Concrete.

Perhaps the why is written right on Grey's website. He says his company is committed to modernizing timeless design in his handcrafted concrete production. So it is that he is highly design influenced by all things modern and vintage styled.  Knobs aren't all he has, and he says that "more goods will be available soon."  Grey he has birds he's cast that you can paint, or display as is. One of my faves are these little industrial looking Magnets (below.)

Look for good things to come from this guy. He's going places.

kast concrete
All this work and the little concrete magnet retails for $8. A true bargain in timeless design!

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