Friday, December 28, 2012

Coke Collectibles and Coca Cola Antiques

Coca Cola Crates Vintage
Doll Food on Etsy offers these at $31.95/ea
It really surprises me how many people are into collecting Coke items. Is it because we love America's sweet soft drink or just are crazy about the Coca-Cola logo?
Vintage Coke Machine
Restored it would have looked like this from 1956-1959 , this one at ToysnSuch on Etsy
I remember as a child seeing my mother swoon over my grandfather's old and defunct real 1950's Coke machine he had at a hunting lodge in Maine. It was the kind that dispensed glass bottles, and even paper sleeves. It was chippy, old, and crusty. Sure, it would have worked, had we refilled it with glass bottles, but at the time, it sat unused.  The new owners were kind enough to give it back to Mom.  It was eventually driven from Maine to Maryland, where the machine sat in my uncle's for years.  I really was hoping he'd restore it, but often thought it too much of a task. 

coke cooler antique
Wonderful untouched coke cooler, $695 at CapnZedsCollectibles on Etsy.

I remember my great grandmother had an old rusty coke cooler like the one above. Mom gave it away.  Wow. maybe we should have kept it.  The key is knowing if an item should be restored, or if it's just perfectly fine the way it is? When it comes to Coke, there's a whole world out there.  I've seen collectors pay top notch money for something chippy, old and rusty.  Then again, something restored PROPERLY may fetch a small bank account. 

Brass Miniature Coke Crate is cute at The Enchanted Fig Tree on Etsy  $75

Items we don't see every day surface up for the discriminating collector. The tiny bottles above in their crate are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Would a Coke Collector save extra money from this week's paycheck just to buy these because they are adorable? Probably so. 

coke cap earrings on Etsy
Just $5  for these vintage Coke Cap earrings at at krissie12481 Etsy shop!

Even the newer and mass produced items seem to be a big hit--collect it today and save for hopeful retirement later. Then we have the whole arts and crafts movement. From original coke items.  It's endless, really. 

coke necklace
TrashyandSassy Coke Necklace $5 

I remember drinking out of Coke glasses, in fact several variations of them over the years. 
I remember Mom's coke calenders she would buy each year.  I also remember those crazy bottles we'd have sitting around, the kind that if she found them at a flea market she'd buy them.  I think they were stretched coke bottles from a carnival. 

coke candles
Cool or a cardinal sin? Old bottles have been cut to use as functional Soy Candles, at Rehabulous

I guess the truth is if you live in America, Coke is a part of your ever day life! It's in your memories from being in your hand, your tummy, and at your dinners. Then again, I feel sorry for will never be as desirable as Coke, now will it? 

Sprite Caps
Sprite Caps, $8.50 at RetroChalet on Etsy

If you love Coke, check out these great resources: 

Davide Coke Collector Site (From Italy, has 1000's of Cans! YOU MUST SEE HIS WALLS!)

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