Sunday, December 30, 2012

Vintage Perfume Bottles

vintage perfume bottle
This lovely perfume bottle is only $24.99 at StayingVintage on Etsy
Vintage and antique perfume bottles are a lovely little blast from yesterday's past. Collectors love to assemble tiny collections of these great fashion trinkets.  Prices range from fantastic, to the half paycheck.

vintage perfume in original box
$195.00 and you can get bottle in original box at LemonIceBoxPie
There are even collector's clubs about perfume bottles.  Collectors should check online before offing an old perfume bottle, even if it isn't fancy it could be valuable. What if you have a bottle cracked but the stopper is in good shape? Often times the glass stoppers are often lost, chipped, or misplaced and sometimes people will buy a less than perfect bottle just to obtain the stopper.

Evening in Paris Perfume at $15.00 at Etsy shop debincijewelry
So what is it about empty perfume bottles being so alluring? Perhaps it's the romance of yesteryear, the smell of days gone by. Some still retain a small hint of their former lives. We are taken back to a time of the vintage fashion scene that makes us wonder. Who wore this and when?  If we only knew.

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