Saturday, February 2, 2013

Vintage Jewelry Etsy Finds Part 2 @thepickingpair

Gemstone necklace vintage on etsy
This necklace is only $30 in The Picking Pair shop on Etsy.
I'm off to part two in my two part series on Vintage Jewelry. Perhaps you read my first post here on Vintage Jewelry Victorian Art Deco, and I hope you will like these finds today which all come from The Picking Pair on Etsy.  I find their jewelry is affordable, stylish,  and you never know what you may find here.
tennis earrings sterling vintage
Tennis anyone? These unusual earrings are $45 at ThePickingPair on Etsy would make a great gift!
Perhaps what I really love is the odd things they find. I've never seen tennis racket earrings , and trust me, if I had a tennis lover in my close circle of friends and family these would be a one of a kind gift idea.  This "Picking Pair" definitely has an eye for the unique and style savvy.

Bison Turquoise Necklace
The Picking Pair on Etsy has this great Bison Necklace

The Picking Pair has unique finds and is definately worth a favorite.  You can connect with them:

On Etsy
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On Wanelo
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