Friday, July 12, 2013

Collecting Vintage Themes: Lady Bugs Ladybug Ladybird Beetle

vintage lady bug vest
For the ultimate lady bug lover: the jean vest $15.99  at One Crazy Shopper Gurl
It's amazing how many people collect different themes. From vintage dinosaurs to poodles, to kewpies or pixies, but what about ladybugs? I remember a lady at an estate sale told me that she would collect everything and anything lady bug that she could find. I thought of here when I saw these things. I have to admit even I was surprised at these great finds on Etsy.

vintage lady bug
The Unique Bird on Etsy has this adorable and unusual figurine for $6.50

ladybug necklaces on etsy
  These are vintage Libbey Ladybug glasses available at 1006Osage
 Erickas Collectibles on Etsy has found a huge stock of vintage ladybug necklaces, just $35 each!


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