Friday, August 2, 2013

Mod Pottery Vintage Mid Century Modern Deals at Odd Geology

peter terris
Peter Terris Sugar Bowl $16 mod pod!

Etsy shop Odd Geology from South Carolina has some great mid century modern earthenware and pottery finds. Items you don't see that often but would make a must have addition to your retro kitchen or living room area. Here are some highlights from their ever-changing shop! Not to mention, a must have to start a very special collection.   Above: Peter Terris, a designer for Shenango overlaps lovely leaves on a retro modern sugar bowl.

Ben Seibel Coffee Mugs
Ben Seibel cups, only $14 at Odd Geology!

Ben Seibel, a great designer did these lovely cups which are signed. I love his modern designs and assembling a full set of his china would be functional and fun to do!  There is a great site all about Ben Seibel design here!

Jackson China Pitcher at Odd Geology on Etsy
Odd Geology offers this little Jackson China Cream pitcher $8
Cream pitchers from Jackson China are both cute and functional. This company produced china in Pennsylvania and shipped their pottery all over the nation, unfortunately ceasing operations in 1985 after a long line of management issues and a fire!

funky mug on etsy shop odd geology
Brazilian Coffee Mug at Odd Geology!

Then enter the mod colors of the 60's. This drip glaze painted coffee mug was made in Brazil.  I just adore the colors and this would look great in any retro modern kitchen!

At Odd Geology on Etsy.
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