Monday, October 28, 2013

Towle Silver Set Founders Finds on Etsy

Towle Punch Set
Towle Punch Set on Etsy

I recently caught up with Corby  over at Founders Finds on Etsy. He has the most stunning Towle set for sale right now! This is the punch bowl, with underplate, ladle and matching cups. His price, only $299.  He says, "I've sold vintage off and on for a number of years, primarily as a hobby.I love antique copper and silver hollow ware, and anything that has an ornate appearance, and represents historical value."

Founders Finds offers this Towle Punch Bowl Set

Towle (now called Towle Silversmiths) has been around for centuries, their history dating back to 1857. Earlier prominence dates as far back as the 1600's. Over time they have produced everything from silver purse mirrors, to tea service sets, jewelry and trays.  They have endured the test of time, and currently is owned by Lifetime Brands. 
This set would look lovely for the holidays or entertaining your favorite guests. It is a fraction of the price you would pay to assemble this set on the market. At Replacements the bowl alone is $429. What a great price!   See it here. 

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