Friday, November 1, 2013

TGL Direct Antiques Vintage Collectibles Replacements Three Reasons Why I Love Them

Fenton Art Glass - Hobnail French Opalescent Pattern - Cologne Bottle  TGL Direct
Lovely steal at $25.99 , Photo from / item available at TGL Direct

Fenton Art Glass - Hobnail French Opalescent Pattern - Cologne Bottle

What's this? A new site I love, and I'm here to share with you three reasons why.  I just found the site TGL Direct. They specialize in lots of Antiques and Vintage items.  You can find everything from Fenton Art Glass to Trading Cards and Sports Memorabilia.  Vintage Pottery and Glassware to Boudouir Items.  From Victorian to the 1950's, there's something for everyone.  Let's discuss why I like them.

1. Antiques and Collectibles at Great Prices.

 The difference is, unlike other  sites online, their prices are more than fair.  Most prices have been marked down from book value, and some even have the "Make Offer" sign for the die hard hagglers out there.  Check out this Chamber Pot waiting to be had, which I already thought was a steal at $29.99. You can click on "Make Offer" and go there now, to submit your best price. 

TGL Direct Antiques Site
Screenshot of TGL Direct. Items are less than list, and some even have "MAKE OFFER" on them.
I so love that option.  See what I mean by browsing their main antique and vintage category.  You will see the vast selection of collectible and maybe find something for your loved one just in time for Christmas.

2. Replacements: They Have Them.

Vintage Pyrex at TGI DIRECT
Your cousin broke her Pyrex Set? Find another at TGL Direct

Let's say cousin Jane is complaining because she broke her prized Pyrex Collection. You can check the Replacements category and find that same Snowflake pattern she so desired. There you have a great replacement for her, or a great gift idea.  Check out the Vintage Replacements area here.  Stock is always changing, so if you don't see what you need today, check back often.  Poof, these bowls have already gone. Just that quick.
Anchor Hocking Fire King Fruit Glassware from TGL Direct
I love this Fire King Anchor Hocking bowl on TGL Direct.

3. They Have a Forum. 

Unlike some sites, they have a forum you can join to discuss Antiques & Vintage. 
Get in on the gab while the getting is good.

Check them out today. 

This site is brand new, and you heard about it first here. 
You should like them on Facebook and visit the at

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